Metal Detector Rental ? To Find Your Lost Sentimental Jewelry

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Renting a metal detector is time consuming and will be frustrating if you have never used one. Especially near salt water or trashy parks were there are years of pull tabs and bottle caps to make things interesting.
Jessica called me asking me if I rent metal detectors and how my service works. She found my name on I replied by saying I want to help you find the lost ring. You the rest is up to you. Time is very important and I’m available anytime you are. Her husband Andrew had lost his platinum wedding band while throwing a football at the top of the high tide line Sunday about 6pm.
They were at Surfside Colony a private community near Sunset Beach in north Orange County, CA.. Jessica said that she could meet me to get me in the gate and show me the location. I told her that it works better if her husband, who had lost it, could be there to explain what had happened. Lately, I’m finding out that it makes the search much easier if the person who lost it gives me the details.
Andrew could meet me a couple hours later after he got off work. He brought his son Cole, so I gave them a short lesson about how the detector works on the walk to the beach front. The two high tides since he lost the ring had moved in several inches of sand over the top of the slope. I started the grid in the center of the 40×40 ft. location . There wasn’t much trash so the grid search was moving fast except for my explaining to them what I was doing. Then I got a fare sounding signal, after three scoops I lost hope that it was Andrew’s platinum ring mainly because it should have been a surface find. One more scoop and there was a beautiful platinum ring belonging to Andrew. You have to stay positive the ocean does strange things. In this case it had to deposit about 8 inches of new sand over the top of the slope onto the towel line in less than 24 hrs.
We took a few photos then I let Andrew and Cole swing my detector as we walked off the beach. I think we will have a new member joining this hobby of metal detecting. Again it was a pleasure to meet Andrew and Cole and help them find the lost.

September 14, 2015


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  1. Curtis Cox says:

    Nice work! Glad to hear they didn’t rent a cheap metal detector that barely works on wet sand and hardly goes 6″ deep!

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