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Metal Detector Finds Gold Wedding Band .. Anahiem, CA.

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)


Joel was thinking about buying or renting a metal detector when he found my contact number on


Joel called me telling me his story. He had put his wedding band in his pocket while doing yard work. Before returning to the house he reached in his pocket and the ring was missing. That information help me after I arrived at his house. Many times the story gets vague as to where the ring may have fallen.
It was a large thick lawn, that was a golden brown color because of our drought here in California, a perfect hiding place for a yellow gold ring. In the corner there was a 15 x 25ft area of soft unplanted dirt. That was the easiest place to start. Joel and his three kids watched as I explained what I was doing. First find was a pull tab, second find was Joel’s ring. They didn’t believe me when I said, I found it. When I handed to him he responded with a big smile. Sometimes these searches are easy, other times they can drive you crazy, the other day I spent two hours walking more than a mile in a sandy river bed with no success. Lots of fresh air and exercise.

Another thought, I often have is:   How many lost valuables are hiding in backyards because people don’t know how to get an experienced metal detectorist to help?

Tuesday … September 1, 2015