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Lost Wedding Ring Found On Waikiki Beach

from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)
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Lost Ring Hilton
LOST RING HILTONI went out for a dive with a friend Joe who is also a ring finder and we managed to find two rings that day in front of the Hilton Hawaiian Village.
The next day I received a call from Joe he told me that he was checking Craigslist’s lost & found and there was a post about a week earlier. Lost Man’s Wedding Ring in Waikiki. On April 2 I lost my wedding ring in the Waikiki Beach area please keep an eye out and contact me if you do find one…Thank You Matt.
Waikiki Beach is a large beach with many resort’s the chance of this being Matt’s ring was a long shot and I thought to myself this would be amazing if this was his. I contacted Matt and told him that I found a ring on Waikiki beach at the Hilton in about 4 feet of water he told me that’s where I lost my ring I asked Matt to give me the description of the engraving on the inside of the ring and I’ll see if it’s a match. I told Matt that we have a match! I think at first Matt thought this was some kind of Craigslist scam. He asked if I could send him a picture so I sent the picture and he confirmed it was a match. It was about midnight where Matt lives in Pennsylvania when I first responded to his post on craigslist apparently he had already returned home from his vacation and I’m sure he thought he would never see his wedding ring again but as luck would have it the ring is back on his finger.
Thanks to Joe for spotting the Craigslist posting and a little luck for finding Matt’s ring.
Aloha Don.

Lost Wedding Ring Found At Turtle Bay Resort Oahu

from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)
Contact: 1-808-285-8370

Ring Pic-1Ring Pic
Saturday, the North Shore of Oahu was going to be hit by a large swell. Consequently, on Friday afternoon, when I received the call from Chase and Karolina asking me if I could help them find a lost wedding ring, in the water near Turtle Bay Resort, I knew I would be up for a challenging search. I arrived at the search area at 7 am on Saturday morning, and after a brief hike we made it to an uninhabited beach full of Honus (Hawaiian Sea Turtles) basking in the sun. The empty beach was in a cove, so it was protected from the large swell. Quickly, I got in the water, and after 30 minutes in chest deep water, I heard a strong signal, and there in the bottom of the sand scoop, was that shiny band of gold…what a great way to start the day recovering Chase’s wedding band, and discovering a secluded beach on an island with a population of over 1 million. Another sweet morning in beautiful Hawaii Nei.

Lost Wedding Ring Found On Waikiki Beach

from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)
Contact: 1-808-285-8370

Lost ring Waikikilost ring waikiki-1One evening as I was sleeping, a nice lady named Carrie left a message on my voicemail at around 10 pm. She said that she has lost her wedding band at Waikiki beach and wanted to see if I could help her. I texted her back at 6 am thinking she would still be sleeping, but as soon as I hung up the phone she called me.
Carrie told me that the prior day when she was at the beach, she had taken her rings off and placed them on a towel, so that she could apply sunscreen. She then spent the day playing with her son building sandcastles and when packing up her belongings at the end of the day, she had forgotten to put her rings back on.
I let Carrie know that I had to work that day, but would meet her in the afternoon and try to find her precious wedding band. Apparently this wedding band was over 100 years old and was given to Carrie by her husband. The ring was given to her husband by his grandparents. Carrie came to Hawaii with her son to visit family and did not want to have to call her husband on the mainland to deliver the bad news. She said, “I need to find this ring.”
Every day and night people search the beaches at Waikiki with metal detectors looking for fresh drops. When I started my search for her ring, there was a man looking for hidden riches just a few feet from us. Timing and conditions are so very important when looking for lost jewelry at this popular beach. I marked the area off where she believed she lost the ring, and in about a half hour, the wedding band was back on her finger. A lost ring, an incredible find, the look on Carrie’s face when it was found was priceless. This is why I love looking for lost jewelry, to help others find their valuable treasures that are often irreplaceable.

Lost Wedding Ring Found At Waimea Bay

from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)
Contact: 1-808-285-8370

Ring FindersRing Finders.jpg-1
I received a call Saturday morning from Scott asking if I could help him find his wife’s wedding ring on the beach at Waimea Bay on The North Shore of Oahu. Apparently, she had taken it off, and laid it on her towel while putting on sunscreen. Unfortunately, it ended up in the sand. While on a hike latter that evening, she realized she hadn’t put the ring back on, and it must have fallen off the towel, when they packed up after their day on the beach.
I could tell by Scott’s voice, that he thought his wife’s ring was a lost cause.
I told Scott, that I almost always find rings that are lost in the dry sand at Waimea Bay, because of the clean sand and the lack of trash on the beach. So I met Scott and his wife Marianne at the beach at about 10:30 am and started marking off the area where they lost the ring.
Scott wanted to help. So I gave him the sand scoop, that I use to sift the sand. After about 30 minutes, I received my first strong signal and asked Scott to try the spot. He scooped a little sand, and I could hear the ring rattling around in the sand scoop as he sifted out the sand. The look on his face was priceless. He said, “No way, I can’t believe we just found it.”
Scott called his wife, who was back at the car taking care of the baby. He told her the good news. Losing a wedding ring can definitely spoil a Hawaiian vacation, and it’s such a pleasure to meet and help such nice people, like Scott and Marianne. It was another great recovery.



Lost Diamond Engagement Ring at Ewa Beach…..FOUND

from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

14K Solitaire ewa beach ringewabeachrf#3

Saturday, January 24, 2015

As I was doing some “Honey do list” items my daughter Korin handed me the phone and said, “Someone lost their ring Dad.”  I answered the phone and Jenna explained to me that she lost her ring in the sand at Ewa Beach.  I was far enough along on my chores so I told Jenna I could be there in about 45 minutes as the location is on the opposite side of the island from where I live.  She said she would wait on the beach by the spot where she thought she lost her ring.  I told her, “Don’t try finding the ring it might make it harder for me to find it.”  I arrived with my Excalibur and I was met by Alex, Jenna’s fiance.  Jenna explained that she put her ring in her shorts pocket and when she put them back on after sunbathing she realized the ring was gone.  They showed me the general area and I started a box search in an East-West direction.  With nothing but pull tabs and 55 cents in clad I asked if there was anywhere else she went.  Jenna pointed to a picnic table 75 yards away and said they sat over there awhile and walked straight over and back.  I made three passes towards the picnic table but the area was so littered with metal trash I was getting overloaded with targets.  I decided to go back to the original box and try a North-South grid search.  It paid off on about the fifth line I got what could only be a Gold Ring tone.  I made a gentle scoop and the target was captured. When I looked into the scoop I couldn’t see anything.  I dumped the residual and scanned the pile getting the same tone.  This time I took less of a scoop and their was the tiny Size 3 White Gold Solitaire Diamond ring at the bottom of the scoop. “I might have your ring Jenna.”  Excited she quickly came over to where I stood and I said, “If you can describe the ring in my hand it’s yours.”  Startled and just getting it the day before she said it was silver colored and a single diamond.  Is this it?  As I showed it to her tears started streaming down her face and she said,  “I really didn’t think you were going to find it.”  It only took 30 minutes but to her it must have seemed like an eternity.  A bit more challenging for me but the Excalibur performed well in deep sand on such a tiny ring.  Aloha Jenna & Alex.

Lost Keys Found North Shore Oahu

from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)
Contact: 1-808-285-8370

I received a call from Rick on Thursday new years day he told me that he had lost his keys on the beach the night before apparently he had a hole in his pocket.
Rick had to break into his car and sleep there until the morning. I showed up around 9:00 am and started the search for his keys after about 2.5 hours we finally found his car keys and house keys he also had a small security card key for work attached.
Rick was definitely relieved that we found them.
Another Great Recovery!

Lost Gold Ring at Natatorium War Memorial…FOUND!!

from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

TeuilaFriday, December 19, 2014

As I was returning from Metal Detecting on Scuba I surfaced in about 10 feet of water and began snorkeling into the beach.  As I approached two young ladies I noticed that panicked look one gets when they lose something treasured.  I asked the first young lady if they lost something and she responded that her friend Teuila had just lost her Gold ring and she was stressing.  That’s when I raised my Excalibur from under water and said “Maybe I can help.  Where did she lose it?”  They showed me the general area and as I started the box search I asked, “Is this too far towards shore” and Teuila said, “Probably.” so I made a 90 degree turn and on the second sweep of my detector I had what could only be a Gold Ring tone.  I knelt down and stuck my head in the water and through my mask the sun was glinting off a pretty gold ring.  I stood up with ring in hand and yelled over to Teuila.  “I might have your ring.” Shocked it happened so quickly she came over to where I stood and I said, “If you can describe the ring in my hand it’s yours.”  She immediately described the ring and I reached out and dropped it into her hand.  Then without hesitation she gave me the biggest hug I’ve had in a long time.  A few cheers went up from the tourists in the water that realized I just found her ring.  She said, “What are the odds that you would be here exactly when I needed your talents?”  I pointed up and said “The Big Guy upstairs must of wanted you to have that ring. Glad I could help.”

Lost Wedding Ring Found on Makapuu Beach Oahu

from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)
Contact: 1-808-285-8370

I received a call from Chris Saturday morning and he told me his wife had taken off her ring and placed it in her small handbag before going for a swim in the ocean when they got home she checked the handbag and the ring was gone.
I searched for about 3 hours Saturday with no luck and Chris had to go home and tell the wife the bad news.
I woke up Sunday morning and decided to try one more time but this time I moved my search about 30 feet from where Chris had told me his wife had lost the ring…I walked about 10 feet received a strong signal and the rest is history



Lost Gold Ring at Kaimana Beach…FOUND!!

from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)


Wednesday, August 20, 2014:
I received a call at work from my wife Wendy this afternoon at around 1 PM. Apparently the message I left with the Lifeguard at Kaimana Beach Park paid off. Wendy told me that a lady named Lisa had called and left her number concerning a lost ring. So after my lunch break I gave Lisa a call and she said, “The Lifeguard at Kaimana Beach Park gave her my card and said I was the “Detector Guy” that found her daughters ring.” First of all I never show or tell the Lifeguard exactly what I’ve found only that it’s a “Ring” or “Bracelet” etc. I politely asked Lisa to describe the ring her daughter Talia lost and if I had it I would gladly return it to them. The ring in question was so unique it only took a few adjectives of description and I knew the owner would soon be reunited with their lost heirloom ring. The Queen Elizabeth crown ring had been in their family for over 25 years and Talia was heartbroken when she discovered it missing after going for a swim with her father and two brothers. She felt the ring come off and made an immediate dive underwater to retrieve it but as usual the sandy bottom consumed the ring on Tuesday, August 5th. After the swim out to the reef flag and back her father and brothers borrowed goggles from the Lifeguard in hopes of finding the heirloom ring in the shallow water where Talia remembered losing it. Unfortunately, after numerous attempts searching with the googles all hope was lost.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014:
This was a typical evening for me on a metal detecting stroll through Kaimana Beach in chest deep water. One of my favorite spots because the Hawaiian sunset is so spectacular from this beach. About an hour before sundown after finding a few clad coins I get a very loud yet growling tone on my Excalibur thinking to myself it’s another Corona bottle cap. But what in my scoop should appear the most unusual 14 karat gold ring that I’ve ever seen. I almost didn’t dig this ring as the crown shape made it sound like a growling bottle cap. A word to the wise “DIG EVERYTHING”. You’re either removing trash from the environment or uniting a family with a lost heirloom. Both are good deeds. I immediately went to the Lifeguard and asked if anyone had reported losing a ring. He said not today but thought the day before a family that frequents the beach regularly had lost a gold ring but he didn’t remember the details. Since he had my card if any reports were made or the next time he saw the gentleman he would give them my contact information. As many of you know timing is everything especially in this hobby. The story behind this ring is Lisa purchased it from a museum for her mother 25+ years ago on a trip to London England. When Talia was visiting with her grandmother her grandmother noticed Talia liked rings (as she was wearing many on her fingers) so she gave the Queen Elizabeth Crown to her. Talia cherished this ring and was devastated when she lost it. As the story goes and as brothers always do they told their mother she lost it while swimming. Lisa and I arranged to meet in front of Zale’s Jewelry store in Kahala Mall to return the ring to Talia. Mom didn’t tell her why they were going to the mall so as you can see in the photo Talia was surprised and extremely joyful to be reunited with her precious ring. They were so grateful to me and made me feel really good as well. That’s the most rewarding part of this hobby.

Lost Wedding Ring at Waikiki Beach…Found!!!

from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)


Hot muggy day on Oahu when I received a panic phone call from Jodi who just lost her ring at Waikiki Beach.  She explained to me that she had just entered the water and reached up to adjust her ponytail when she felt her ring slip off into the water.  There was a little bit of surf not too bad so she tried feeling around for her ring with her bare feet.  The combination of sand and stones made it very difficult to feel anything let alone the ring, so after 10 hopeful minutes she gave up.  A tourist on the beach told her she saw a guy metal detecting the previous day with a shirt that said, “Ringfinder something or other”  Jodi quickly did a Google search on her phone and found the site and that’s where I come in.  She called my cellphone and I just happened to be a few blocks away and could be there in about 5 minutes.  Knowing the ring was just lost moments ago I asked Jodi a few simple questions then I walked into the water where Jodi said she had been standing when she lost her ring.  It wasn’t 30 seconds when I had a target on my Excalibur and with a nice gentle scoop there was her ring.  It was almost too easy.  I wish every search could be like this.  Then Jodi faded away?  The ring, place and situation is real unfortunately Jodi is not.  I’m sure this ring had some wonderful memories attached to it but they are now lost forever because the owner probably never heard of The Ring Finders.  We are here to help.  Aloha, Joe