Lost Gold with Stunning Solitaire Diamond Ring at The Kahala Hotel Beach...FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began when I got a call from Wendy at the Concierge Desk of The Kahala hotel. She asked, “Are you the guy who can find rings?” “That would be me!” I said. She asked if I could come down to the hotel and find a lost ring for two of their guests. I got a few details and headed down to the hotel which is only 7 minutes from my home. When I arrived the valet was waiting and got Wendy and she soon introduced me to Debbie & Albert from Fort Collins, Colorado. They were on their 40th Wedding Anniversary and while in the water swimming Debbie’s gorgeous 1.4 Carat Solitaire Diamond Gold ring slipped off and disappeared into the sand. One of the beach attendants searched for a few hours but the ring was well hidden. The ring was lost at low tide at Debbie’s chest height. A high tide was peaking so I was only able to hunt out to neck depth with the Nox. I originally heard waist deep but I thought I better give it a go. After covering the entire grid with no ring I told Debbie and Albert I’d return the next day at the 11:30 low tide. I decided to use scuba so I could have unlimited range no matter where the ring came off. I arrived at 11:30 and informed Albert I’d start the hunt as they were checking out of the hotel. I set my grid rope from shallow to deep and commenced the search. On the deep side the sand was so thin it puffed like smoke when I waved the Excalibur through it. I was hoping the ring would not be there as it would have been extremely difficult to see. Very sterile beach, which is nice, so after a small piece of can slaw and a swimsuit drain tab I got a sweet loud low tone on the Excalibur. Two waves of my hand and there popped out Debbie’s wonderful ring. I put it in my jar and stood up. I waved to Albert on the beach and yelled to him that I found the ring…”Hopefully Debbie’s!” They met me on the shore line and I handed the ring to Debbie who assured me it was the one. Albert & Debbie were so thankful and relieved they would be returning home this evening with “All” their belongings. Hugs, handshakes and pictures followed. Another fine day in Hawaii Nei! Aloha to Debbie & Albert!

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