Lost White Gold Wedding Band at Turtle Bay Resort...FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began when I got a call from Anthony from Phoenix, Arizona who was on his honeymoon and staying at the Turtle Bay Resort. He laid his white gold wedding band on his lap or the chair’s arm while applying sunscreen and realized when he stood up the ring was gone. He had only been married a week and the ring has disappeared in the dry sand. They hunted desperately but to no avail. I checked google maps and told Anthony it would take about an hour and fifteen minutes to get there but to just relax on the beach and we would find the ring. When I arrived Anthony met me near the parking lot and we proceeded down to the beach where his lovely mother and bride Austy were waiting. We had to move two beach chairs then I fired up the Nox and started the tiny grid search. I immediately got a loud “12-13” and after two scoops there was Anthony’s Gold Wedding Band in the scoop. It must have been stepped on to be that deep. We had a few hugs and pics then I had to get home for dinner. Honeymoon saved! Aloha to Anthony & Austy!

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  1. Austy Paterno says:

    You were an absolute savior to us! Especially on a Sunday in the afternoon! Thank you so much for making the trip! We are so lucky that you were able to find the ring and so fast!!! We are extremely appreciative!!

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