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Lost Platinum Wedding Band at Four Seasons Beach Ko Olina…FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began Sunday morning when I got a call from Rick who resides in Honolulu. While enjoying the day at Four Seasons Resort, at some point during the day his Platinum Wedding band went missing. He googled “Metal detecting a ring” and found “The Ring Finders” and fellow ring finder Don Bryant. Don referred Rick to me as the detectorist for Ko Olina Resort. Rick said he had been throwing a football in shallow water and snorkeling along the rocks and out to the deeper water buoys. Surf was up on the West shore so I told Rick I’d do a hunt when the surf subsided as the water gets horrible visibility where I needed to search. This morning was that day and I started in the shore sand on the extreme North side of the beach where Rick was throwing the football and had his lounge chair. No luck there! I decided to search the shallow waters before donning my scuba gear for the deep water hunt. This time of year the side shallows become pea green with algae growth and I wasn’t able to see the bottom in two feet of water. I was hoping I wouldn’t have to dive because the pea green soup was throughout the search area. Low and behold as I was coming towards shore on the third leg of my grid search I got a booming 17 on the Nox in thigh deep water and in one scoop there was a PT950 ring in my scoop. Thank you Lord! No dive required. I texted a pic to Rick and he confirmed it was his. We arranged to meet at my home after work for the return. Rick was very grateful and most happy to have the ring back on his finger. Aloha to Rick!