Lost Gold Wedding Band at Sheraton Waikiki Beach...FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began when I got a text from Victor who was on his Honeymoon from San Francisco, CA. His text said, “Hello saw your website. Need services.” I immediately called and found out while relaxing with his lovely bride Yuliana, on a float, while adjusting his grip his brand new Yellow Gold Wedding Band came off in chest deep water and disappeared. He attempted to find the ring with goggles but the water was too murky. The tide was already coming in and there was some medium surf so we decided to wait until the next day’s low tide at 11AM. When I arrived Victor met me at the Valet parking area and we parked and went down to the beach. Yuliana was waiting on the beach and the two of them explained the circumstances and the location of the drop. I attempted to cover both their areas but Yuliana insisted the ring was more to the West. After about an hour and a thorough search in Victor’s area I moved West quite a ways and worked back to the East. I’d only found four Corona Bottle caps and a pull tab. I heard several targets in the reef area but couldn’t dig or see them through my mask. Suddenly, a booming 13/14 on the Nox near the reef and on the second dig I saw a Gold Ring in the scoop. Victor had gone ashore but Yuliana was right next to me. I told her I had a Gold Ring in my scoop and asked if she could verify if it was Victor’s. Thanking God it was. Victor rushed out into the water when Yuliana yelled to him I found it. He immediately put the ring back on his finger and I told him to get out of the water as the surf was starting to pound us again. I told them both that 9 times out of 10 the lady is correct on the location and us guys just can’t get it right. I’m listening to you ladies from now on. A few hugs and fist bumps and of course a pic and Victor and Yulianna were obviously relieved. Honeymoon saved! Aloha to Victor and Yuliana!

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