Lost White Gold Wedding Band at Aulani Resort Lagoon...FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began when I got a call from Tim who was vacationing at the Aulani Resort coming from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. While swimming in the lagoon as he was treading water in about 6-7 foot depth he felt his white gold wedding band slip off. Him and another friend immediately got some snorkel gear to hunt but it was useless. The soft lagoon sand consumed the ring. The beach team gave him my number and I agreed to come out after eating my lunch and packing my scuba gear. When I arrived Tim and his friend explained to me the circumstances to the loss but had different ideas as to the depth. I said how about I start at 7 feet and work deeper. They thought that would work. After about an hour without finding the ring and only two pieces of metal trash. I had a hunch it might be shallower. Sure enough on the fourth leg working shallower I got a boom on the Excalibur and after two fans there was Tim’s white gold band shimmering in the afternoon sunlight. I was relieved as that was nearly two hours dive hunting. Tim was out of the dog house with his wife and so thankful I came right out to recover his ring. Aloha to Tim!

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  1. Tim Mehl says:

    So glad Joe was able to find my wedding ring! We were so sure my ring was gone but luckily Aulani recommended calling Joe. He was so professional and quick to recover my lost ring! Thank you Joe!!

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