Lost Gold Wedding Band at Aulani Beach Resort...FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began when I got a text from Ben who was on vacation from San Antonio, Texas and was staying at the Aulani Resort. After going for a swim, Ben was coming ashore when a wave hit him from behind and as he put his hand down to break his fall his yellow gold wedding band slipped off in shallow water and disappeared. He googled, “lost ring in Hawaii” and the ring finders came up along with a recent hunt I had done at the adjoining Four Seasons Hotel. I answered Ben’s text by calling him and letting him know once I finished some personal business I’d grab my gear and head over. I was dreading rush hour traffic but the delay was only about 15 minutes. When I arrived Ben met me down at the beach and proceeded to show me the location his ring fell off. First target on about the fifth leg of the grid was a “No Cash Value” token Ben said the resort uses for their laundry machines. Then only about two feet away I got another tone and in one scoop there was Ben’s yellow gold band gleaming in the setting sunlight. I raised the ring in the air and motioned towards Ben on the beach that I had found the ring. He had a look of disbelief I think because it happened so quickly. Vacation saved. Aloha to Ben!

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  1. Ben Newman says:

    Hawaii Joe to the rescue! My entire party could not believe how quickly Joe came to the rescue. Thanks so much, Joe, for finding my cherished wedding ring!

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