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Lost Palladium Wedding Band at Ko Olina Lagoons….FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

Jared S RFKoO


Early evening and as I was searching for a long lost Diamond Engagement ring in the water I was approached by Jared from Denver, Colorado. Jared explained that when he was throwing a football with friends in the water earlier in the day his wedding band came off. He wasn’t exactly sure where but knew the general area. From waist to chest deep water and in the far southern end of the lagoon. My only fear was it might have been tossed into the deeper area and there I would require scuba. Never know how far they can fly!!! Jared said it was a square shaped palladium ring. I’ve never found a palladium ring so I was interested in hearing that metal’s tone. I told Jared to reach me on my Facebook page “Metal Detecting Oahu” and we could correspond there. Darkness was quickly upon us so I decided to continue the search the next day after work. I arrived back on the spot the next day and as I worked my grid South I found a small coin spill and two pull tabs. After about an hour I had a solid tone I’ve never heard before and after one scoop there was Jared’s ring. No doubt square and inscribed Pd 950. When I arrived home Jared had left an inquiry on my Facebook page as to whether or not I found his ring. I responded that I did and we made arrangement for its return. Another smile and vacation in Hawaii ends on an up note! Aloha to Jared.

Lost Gold Wedding Band at Punaluu Beach…..FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)



I got a call from Andrew at Punaluu Beach Park at around 5PM. Great rush hour traffic! Andrew explained to me that he and his wife Meghan were laying in about 2 feet of water and when he stood up his wedding band slipped off into the water. He felt it drop off and immediately reached into the water and sand to retrieve his ring but as usual the sand consumed it. Meghan and Andrew looked for a while but never saw a hint of the ring. So 34 miles and about an hour away. I had my daughter check the traffic APP and the roads were clear. I loaded up and called Andrew and told him I’d get there as soon as I could. He said they would wait at the beach in their rental car. The scenic ride up along the East coast of Oahu is spectacular. Several bays, the Koolau mountains and China-man’s Hat Island make the drive breathtaking. I was there in no time. Andrew took me down to the beach to show me where in the water he was when the ring fell off. He was very sure of the location so I started a circular search with him as the pivot point. There was a lot of deep trash and under the sand was very chunky coral rocks. After about five trash targets and seeing how the waves were crashing on the beach with a fairly solid bottom I decided to move shore-ward to the wave curl. I thought with the hard bottom the ring probably tumbled up to that point. As I went along the wave curl I saw a Portuguese Man-O-War floating between Andrew and myself. I warned him to watch out and let me know if any more come into our area. The bubble and deep purple streamer isn’t hard to miss. My first target had that familiar sound and one scoop there was Andrew’s ring. Elapsed time 7 minutes. Andrew and Meghan were both surprised and grateful. From Austin, Texas and Married just 4 days with the lost ring back on his finger there were “Smiles” all around. Aloha to Andrew & Meghan.

Lost Platinum & Diamonds Engagement ring at Waimanalo Beach……FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)



So two successful ring finds in one day on opposite sides of the island and I’m feeling pretty stoked. I’m cruising home it’s 7 PM, getting dark and my phone rings so I pull over to answer it. It’s Don my fellow ring finder. He tells me he just got a call from Dylan from San Francisco, CA who is leaving at 11 AM the next morning. His fiance Majolyn lost her engagement ring on Waimanalo Beach and Don has to be at work in the AM so he wanted to know if i could take it. Hey, he’s calling now I’ll do what I can. Dylan & I arranged to meet at his vacation rental at first light to see if we could find the ring. Story goes Dylan & Majolyn had gone down to the beach to take some photos. While she was holding her nieces hand a rush of water came up and while trying to hold on her ring got pulled off. Majolyn immediately put her hand down to retrieve the ring but the next wave erased that idea. It was gone! Devastated, she and Dylan had the foresight to note exactly where they were on the beach. I arrived at the vacation rental about 515 AM it was still dark. I asked Dylan whose vehicle he wanted to take and he said we can walk the beach was just beyond my headlights view. We grabbed my gear and walked to the beach together. Dylan showed and explained the scenario to me and I told him I would start my search high on the beach and work down to the surf. Our east side surf is the worst nearly year round. I was dreading having to go into it and trying to remain stable enough to search properly. Also I never searched this beach so I was unfamiliar with the trash situation. My first pass was silent and so was the second. On the third pass the gnarliest sound came across the Excalibur. That’s either a hunk of trash or a very ornate ring. Three scoops down I finally had the target and not wanting to knock a diamond loose if it was the ring I went to the waters edge to rinse my scoop gently. Voila! That is one gorgeous ring in the scoop with just enough dawn’s early light to see it. I yelled up to Dylan & Majolyn “Got It” Dylan gave me the biggest bear hug I’ve had in a long time and Majolyn was so grateful and in disbelief it only took two minutes. Vacation ends on a high note! Three successful ring finds in exactly 18 hours is certainly tops for me. Aloha to Dylan & Majolyn.

Lost Platinum Diamond Engagement Ring at Hilton Hawaiian Village…..FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

On Monday David Sheldon a Ring Finder on Maui passed a lost ring on Oahu to Don Bryant. Since I’m very familiar with the Hilton Hawaiian Village area Don asked me to join him on the hunt. A 1 carat diamond ring is so special we weren’t going to let one of the other detectorists snag it. We met Brian & Brittany at the beach to get details. Brittany entered the water and the rocks were hurting her feet. Brian told her to just dive in and swim towards him where it was sandy. She did and on the second stroke her ring came off. They searched fruitlessly for a few hours and had to give up. That’s when they Googled lost ring and found David. When we started the search the tide was up and the rocky area was murky and it was all Don and I could do to dig targets. After three hours we had fishing lures, weights, coins and two other rings but not Brittany’s. The best time to search this area is at low tide which was 1209 PM the next day. I was able to get off from work but Don is extremely busy this time of year. We told Brian and Brittany I would be back at noon and give it another shot and bring scuba gear if necessary. After searching another hour the next day with nothing but more change and lead weights I asked Brittany if she could demonstrate for me as much as possible in the water what she did. It turns out she realized she was much further out than she originally imagined. Great, deeper and clearer water. I shifted my grid search and on the start of my second leg the sound of a platinum ring was screaming in my headphones. I slipped under water with my snorkel but couldn’t see the ring. I turned on my underwater pin-pointer and there about 2 inches down a shiny object came to the surface. Wow! That was a big rock compared to the Size 6 ring. I stood up and yelled to Brittany who was now tanning on the beach. “I think I got your ring” “Really, are you kidding?” she replied. I said, “Come out and look…no stay there I’ll come to you.” As we met on the beach I could see the emotions pouring from Brittany’s face. Overjoyed and a sigh of relief were so apparent. She immediately put the ring back on her finger and gave me a tremendous hug and thanks. She called Brian who was in the room and he rushed down to see what they thought was gone forever. Now their vacation could begin in an upbeat fashion. Aloha to Brittany & Brian.

Lost Wedding Band at Diamond Head Beach Park……………..FOUND

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

DHB (2)

DHB (4)

I got a call around 2:30 PM from Michael from Dublin, Ireland. He was visiting Hawaii to attend a business conference and decided to walk to one of the local beaches for some rest and relaxation. After settling in at Diamond Head Beach he took his Stainless Steel wedding band off to apply some sunscreen. He set it on his towel and after applying the sunscreen reached for his towel and the ring flipped off into the sand. He went to the spot where the ring looked as if it entered the sand but after several minutes searching he realized it was well hidden. The sand had won again at hide and seek. Michael googled “lost ring Hawaii” and that’s when he gave me a call. I arranged to pick him up at the Hilton Hawaiian Village and go to Diamond Head Beach Park to show me where his ring disappeared. This is the first time I entered the park from Beach St and the area was very secluded. I was sure we would find his ring quickly. Michael took me to the spot and another gentleman was tanning on the spot. He politely moved out of the way and I went to work. The area was as big as one parking stall. First target a quarter. Second target two scoops down was a ring. I asked Michael what did that ring look like again? He said “like woven string.” OK here you go. Got the smile and sigh of relief. No going home trying to explain to the wife how he lost his wedding ring in Hawaii. Aloha to Michael.

Lost Wedding Band at Chun’s Reef Beach…………FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)



I got an email Saturday evening around 8:30 from Amanda from Michigan. The email said her and Nick just got married and were on their honeymoon on Oahu. At around noon standing in just thigh deep water Nick’s Tungsten wedding band fell off. They looked for hours with snorkel gear and couldn’t find it. I immediately looked at the surf report and for the first time I’ve ever noticed it was a big fat 0 feet on the North Shore. I responded to Amanda’s email and she called me back. We arranged to meet on the North Shore at 6:30 AM then drive to Chun’s Reef Beach. Nick showed me the approximate location and I told him I’d start in the wave curl first as many heavy rings end up there. After two minutes I got my first target. It took two healthy scoops but there it was. I looked towards shore to Amanda and Nick and gave them the nod. Got it! The sigh of relief and broad smiles were apparent. Honeymoon saved! Most customers really have doubt the ring can be found. Especially after they have searched for hours. I wanted to say the hole behind Nick and Amanda is where I found their ring but I don’t think I could get away with that. Aloha to Nick & Amanda.


Lost Go Pro 3+ in Anahulu Stream Haleiwa Town……….FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

I got a call from Emily in Sydney Australia on Monday 27 July. She was vacationing in Hawaii on Saturday and while paddle boarding down the Anahulu Stream and trying to adjust the strap on her wrist she fell off the board and her Go Pro HERO 3+ with all her vacation photos came off. She reached but missed and watched it sink out of sight. The depth wasn’t deep merely a paddle board oar length but it was so murky her friend who dove for it couldn’t find it. A local diver from Surf N Sea tried with a light but it wasn’t found. Emily found me by Googling lost camera. I have thousands of dives in the ocean but I never went in a Hawaiian stream. Emily emailed me a Google map of the approximate location to look. A little farther out then the splash in the bridge pic. I checked my schedule and surf and tide reports then decided Friday at 4:30 on a high tide would be best. I was hoping the ocean water moving up into the stream would keep it clean. My buddy from work Tony acted as my Safety Observer keeping paddle boarders, kayakers and kids out of my dive zone. After donning my scuba gear I went in to check it out visually before getting my Excalibur detector involved. As I approached the bridge head on, when I was a few yards from the suspected location I let the air out of my BCD and down I went. It was only 8 feet deep but as soon as my feet touched the bottom a plume of muck exploded upwards. I immediately went still and remained neutrally buoyant at a foot off the bottom then slowly moved forward. The slightest movement stirred up the muck. The first thing I found was a HE>i John 3:30 wrist band. This was going to be successful. When the shadow of the bridge blocked my light I surfaced and told Tony the visibility is OK if I go slow. He was still directing water traffic away from me so I started pass number two. I was just about to turn around when I saw a square silted over shape in the sand with a small grey string sticking up. I pulled the string and a Go Pro HERO 3+ came into view. Wow I thought and I didn’t even get a chance to use my detector. Sometimes the Mark 1 Eyeball is just as good. I emailed Emily about our good fortune and we are arranging shipment of the camera back to Australia. The camera waterproof container looks intact so she should have all her vacation photos back. Aloha to Emily


Lost Platinum Wedding Band at Lanikai Beach……………FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)



I received a call from Michael at around 4PM that earlier in the day he lost his Platinum Wedding Band in shallow water at Lanikai Beach. He told me he was leaving the next day and I knew the surf was coming up. With just a few hours of daylight left and a 45 minute drive I needed to meet them on the beach that evening. Lanikai as with most popular beaches in Hawaii is detected heavily and I didn’t want him to lose his ring. Then I found out my daughter had taken my truck so it was my wife’s van or this wasn’t going to happen. So my wife Wendy and daughter Korin loaded up and we were off to Lanikai to meet Michael. Surprisingly the traffic was light and we made it there in 30 minutes. Michael took me to the spot where he thought the ring came off and I did the usual wave curl first. That took about 15 minutes and I only found a quarter. I talked to Michael about how he lost the ring and he explained he was swimming in and as soon as his feet hit sand is when his ring came off. His lovely wife Yvonne also pointed out we should probably be looking a little more to the South. Why do women always have a better sense of location then us men because about 5 minutes later I had another really loud target and in the scoop was Michael’s platinum band. Altogether about 20 minutes and they get to leave tomorrow with Michael’s ring back on his finger. Michael commented that his ring normally fits very tight. I let him know typically you can lose two ring sizes in salt water. Aloha to Michael and Yvonne.

Lost Silver Ring at Haleiwa Beach……FOUND

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

I was at our Summer family picnic on the North Shore of Oahu and brought my detector for a spin in the shallow water. I found two bling rings and a silver bracelet and was heading back to the picnic for some refreshments when I ran into Katherine and her husband sitting in the shallow water. As I approached I commented jokingly that they didn’t need to move out of my way unless they lost some gold. Katherine said, “Actually I lost my two leaf silver ring a little while ago”. She wasn’t sure when or where exactly it came off but I figured I’d see if the Excalibur could sniff it out. A few yards down the wave curl and I got a screaming silver tone and my scoop had to chase that tone about four times as the waves were crashing and throwing it about. I finally snagged the target and in my scoop was the two leaf ring. I yelled over to Katherine describe that ring again…Is this it? She gave me a huge smile and a warm Thank you. Aloha to Katherine.



Lost Wedding Band at Kahala Beach…………FOUND!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)


I saw the following craigslist ad:

Men’s Wedding Ring Lost @ Kahala Beach (Honolulu)

Please help! I lost my wedding ring in the shallow water off Kahala Beach. It’s a white gold band, with a turquoise wrap, next to a Koa Wood wrap. I can offer a small reward of $25 for the honorable person who finds it and returns it to me. It’s a non-expensive ring valued at $50, but it has a lot of sentimental value to me. We were off 4771 Kahala Ave beach access. If you walk towards the ocean and you get to the beach, go left a little ways from the beach access, I lost it in the shallow water there. Mahalo!!

The surf finally settled down on the South shore so I took my daughter Korin and wife Wendy to the beach so I could take a shot at finding Sean’s Wedding ring. Kahala Beach has a lot of metal trash so my odds would be hampered trying to sort through the chatter. Sean gave good location data so I started my search at the beach access and worked to the left. My first target was a Dog named “Tucker” who lost his collar. That will be an easy return as it has two owner phone numbers. On the ninth leg of the grid search in waist deep water I got that tone and there was Sean’s beautiful ring. Now if he answers my craigslist reply we’ll get him his ring and a smile!!!

I finally got to meet Sean today at Kahala Mall to give back his ring. He told me he had just put sunscreen on and was paddling with his hands on a float when the ring popped off. He thought for sure he’d never see it again. I’m just glad it was in the sandy area versus the rocks which would have been nearly impossible. Smiles all around. Aloha to Sean!