Lost Platinum & Diamonds Engagement Ring at Moana Surfrider Beach Waikiki...FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began when I got an emotional call and plea to come down to the Moana Surfrider Beach in Waikiki to find Dinah’s Platinum & Diamonds Engagement Ring that she just lost in the water. Dinah told me the lifeguards hunted with detectors but couldn’t find her ring in waist deep water. I told Dinah I usually won’t hunt after a lifeguard search for reasons I don’t like to discuss. Let’s just say it’s not always on the Up and Up. She was so distraught I went against my instincts and told my wife Wendy I had to go give it a shot. Waikiki is finally experiencing an onslaught of tourists and parking is non-existent so my wife said she could drop me off then deliver a few items to her brother that lives nearby Waikiki. Perfect! I told Dinah I’d grab my gear and meet her in front of the Moana Surfrider in 20 minutes. When I arrived Dinah was so grateful and she and her fiance’ Vince walked me down to the beach to show me where the ring was lost. Dinah and Vince are from Northern California and on vacation in Waikiki. Dinah decided to go for a swim and when she was returning a wave pulled her out to sea then the next threw her to a seated position in the water and her ring popped off and disappeared. It’s like soup with zero visibility and she tried to locate the ring but only a detector could do it now. I was pleased to see the lifeguards that attempted to search were two of the good guys so I was sure the ring was still here. They also added some clues as to the location due to tide changes. Every piece of information helps and they suggested I try the low tide trough first. I did just that and got a pull tab and a beaver tail. Each took several scoops to retrieve as the surf was going from thigh to neck deep constantly. After no luck in the trough I decided to go up the wet sand slope and then back into the water neck deep. On the third up slope I got a screaming “16” on the Nox and in one scoop of the wet sand there was Dinah’s stunning ring glistening in the sunlight. Dinah initially told me her ring was white gold but this ring was platinum but looked exactly like the picture she showed me when I arrived. Sure enough it was her ring and Dinah was so overcome with joy she couldn’t stop hugging me. She had just Googled how to pray the Rosary when I called over to her to tell her I found it. The Lord works in mysterious ways and I feel blessed to be able to enjoy this hobby so much. We all embraced and shook hands and the folks on the beach were clapping and shouting “Congratulations”. I Love this and Aloha to Dinah & Vince!

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  1. Carol Schmollinger says:

    Thank you so much – Vince us my nephew and I know Dinah was sick over this❤️

  2. Dinah Dizon says:

    My fiancé and I were talking at breakfast and asked me not to wear it to the beach but beyond my better judgement I wore it.

    After realizing it was gone, my heart sank and after 2 hours of people helping me search and coming up empty my fiancé convinced me to let it go.

    We called our insurance company to file a claim just to realize the policy had expired! This really hit us hard and feeling of just wanting to halt the vacation early and go home.

    However, I’m not one to just quit so I searched up “how to find lost rings in Waikiki” and Joe was the top result. I gave him a call and explained the situation and I feel he heard the desperation of my voice and agreed to come to the hotel.

    I showed Joe pictures and explained the metals and Joe prepped and went into the ocean. I fell at an area that had a deeper trough area and that’s where Joe started … at some points I could only see his head sticking out of the water. The lifeguards assured me Joe was the best which filled me with confidence.

    After about 20 mins I started to say the rosary and as soon as I started saying the words Joe scooped into the sand, took a look, and with a big smile said “I found it”!

    It had been out there now for 4-5 hours at this point. Many of the people who originally helped me clapped and cheered as I wrapped my arms around my hero that day…Joe.

    You represent what is great and good about the Hawaiian spirit!

    Mahalo from the bottom of my heart.

    1. Joe Au-Franz says:

      Dinah it was my pleasure. Here’s to wishing you and Vince the very best and Dinah keep that vibrant personality forever. Vince is a Lucky man! Much Aloha & Blessings! Joe

  3. Dona Queirolo says:

    Joe, thank you so much for all your efforts. Vince is my nephew and Dinah has become a huge part of our family.
    What a wonderful and miraculous story!

  4. Lynne S says:

    Wow! This is such an amazing story. Dinah is like a sister to me and I can only imagine her sadness losing this beautiful token. Joe thank you for saving the day!!! You truly are a HERO! Dinah and Vince perfect reason to tie the knot now!!! 😁 just kidding I have to be present when you get married.

    Lastly, thank you Lord for protecting over Dinah’s beautiful ring and returning it to her. Now they can continue to enjoy their long deserved vacation.

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