Lost White Gold Wedding Ring at Kahanamoku Beach Waikiki...FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began yesterday when I got a text from James who was on vacation from Vacaville, California. While swimming back to shore at Kahanamoku Beach the previous day a wave hit James from behind and his ring flew off into the shore break and disappeared. After texting me a pic of where he was I realized the area was probably detected many times over except maybe the rubble area which was in his picture. I checked with a few friends who hadn’t been detecting so I texted James that I would try the next morning at low tide. James texted me some photos of their day at the beach and I was able to locate some large coral chunks as a starting point for my grid search. It was still dark when I arrived but decided I better beat the other detectorists that would surely be joining me. First two targets were trash and then I got two dimes in a row. I was starting to exit the picture area but James said it was approximate so I decided to move on. Next screaming target was a 14K white gold ladies wedding band. I wasn’t expecting that but this is the rocky area most detectorists avoid. Then another detectorist joined me and asked how I was doing. I showed him the ring and he said “Score”. Continuing on I got a third dime. Then when I was about to call it a lost cause I got another target with a “16” on the Nox in ankle deep water and in one scoop there was a White Gold Wedding Ring in the scoop. Quite a ways from the picture area but this could be it. I noticed a date inside the ring which James hadn’t told me about. I went back to the car and gave him a call. They were flying back to Cali today but were still in the hotel and about 15 minutes away. I told James I found a White Gold ring and asked if his had a date. He said yes and asked, “What is the date?” I said, “No, you tell me the date.” He shouted out the date inscribed and we agreed to meet at the Gilligan’s Snack Truck for the return. James arrived with his lovely wife Erin and we had a reunion of the ring with the rightful owner. Vacation ends on a high note! Aloha to James & Erin!

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  1. James says:

    When my ring slipped off my finger while swimming in the ocean, I thought for sure I would never see it again. I’m so happy I decided to reach out to Joe. When I told him my situation, he immediately provided some helpful information, and I appreciated that he set expectations about the likelihood of finding the ring right from the start. He even reached out to some friends to see if they had already located the ring. I can’t properly put into words what a relief it was when Joe called to say he found my ring after I thought it was gone for good. From start to finish, Joe was helpful, kind, and great about keeping us in the loop. I wish I had called him sooner! Thank you so much, Joe!

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