Lost Platinum Wedding Band at Ala Moana Beach Park...FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began when I got a text yesterday from Charles who lives in Honolulu. While enjoying the beach with his wife, Charles was sure when he swam halfway out to the buoys and back that his ring probably slipped off then. He wasn’t positive but that was the only place left to hunt. Since it’s 10-12 feet out towards the buoy I told Charlie it would require scuba gear and we agreed to meet the next morning at 6AM sharp at an extreme low tide. Charles arrived a little early and texted me that the parking near where we needed to be was packed. Construction vehicles and new lifeguard stalls were filled to capacity. This has never happened to me at Ala Moana Beach park this early. I parked about a block and a half away and told Charles I would just hump my gear down from there. When I got back to my car I realized the parking modifications included the stall I was in and I had to move. Charles saw a spot but someone grabbed it. I told him I’d cruise around and see what I could find. As I was coming back to our area a gentleman waved his hand that he was leaving. Low and behold the stall couldn’t be any closer to where I needed to be. Thank you Jesus! After donning my scuba gear Charles and I walked down to the beach and I had him draw lines in the sand to the extreme edges he thought he had been. When he was done I asked if he was sure and he asked if he could move the western grid line 10 feet farther. But of course! To do the entire grid he drew was going to take about an hour so I started on the west side and proceeded easterly. I had my orange grid line with me as the water was already starting to lose visibility. I went as far out as I could before it turns to muck and turned around towards the shore again. I got a great tone but it turned out to be a key. On the second leg I got another nice tone but the water was silted up and all I could do was grab handfuls of sand & rubble until I had the target in my hand. On the third grab I had the target in my hand and held it up to my mask to see what I had and it was a Platinum Ring. I surfaced in neck deep water which would be over my head on a high tide and told Charles I think I found your ring. After reading him the date he confirmed that was indeed his. Total time underwater 7 minutes. Had Charles not extended out his grid to the west I would have missed the ring by inches. Another Blessing! What a great ending to a day that started looking really bad. Aloha to Charles!

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  1. Charles says:

    Joe was great, replied to my text promptly, explained the options related to the location and gave a realistic expectation given the level of visibility if it was in deeper water. Communication was great and kept me updated. He did everything in a very friendly and professional manner, and found the ring way faster than I was expecting! Much mahalos to Joe!

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