Lost Gold "Love Conquers All" Ring at 4 Seasons Ko Olina Resort...FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began Friday 25 June when I got a call from the 4 Seasons Concierge Desk asking if I could reach out to one of their guests that lost a Gold Ring in the water. They gave me the contact number and I immediately called Anna from Miami Florida who was on vacation at Ko Olina Resort and was leaving in a few hours. She lost her ring earlier in the day and had over ten other guests trying to find her “Caritas Vincit Omnia” Gold Ring in waist deep water. With that many people searching someone probably stepped on the ring and buried it deeper in the sand. Anna sent me a beach picture and circled the general location the ring fell off her finger. Saturday morning at low tide I matched her picture up with the beach and drew my grid lines in the sand. I took the Nox in the water and started working North through the grid. On about the fifth leg I got a nice “16” tone and in one scoop there was Anna’s stunning ring in the scoop. I went back to my car to text Anna in Miami the good news and she had already texted me “Any news?” I sent her a picture of the ring and texted, “Is that good news?” She responded, “No way, Wow thank you so much” The ring arrived today in Miami and Anna sent me the picture above. Beautiful Girl, Smile and Ring. Aloha to Anna!

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