Lost Damascus Steel and Koa Wedding Ring at Kualoa Beach Kaaawa...FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This Ring Find began yesterday when I got a text from Nick whose on vacation on Oahu from Palm Springs California. While rinsing the sand off his hand in the water his Damascus Steel & Koa Inlaid Wedding ring fell off and disappeared in the sand. The family searched as thoroughly as they could but the ring wouldn’t reveal itself. I told Nick I had a hunt in Waikiki the next morning but as soon as that was complete I’d head his way. Thankfully the east side was as calm as it gets and when I arrived Nick led me out behind the house to where the ring fell off. The depth when the ring came off was only calf deep but that would be waist deep now. The first target was a #7 lead sinker. A few feet further and the Nox went off on a mixed number target and in one scoop their was Nick’s Unique ring in the scoop. I shouted up to the house got it and the response was “WOW!” That was quick. This could have been a very painful hunt as Nick told me there is plenty of fishing weights in the water. Awesome short hunt and Nick and his lovely wife Katie were so grateful. Aloha to Katie & Nick!

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