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Throwing A Ball = Lost Ring in Cherry Hill NJ – Found by Dave Milsted

  • from South Jersey (New Jersey, United States)








Katie called me after someone on FaceBook recommended me, thank you to whoever that was. She was in her backyard throwing a ball when she lost her engagement ring. She searched for days with no luck. Then she resorted to social media. 

Friday was the day I could search, so we set up a date. Katie couldn’t be there but her mom would be. Katie describe to me over text messages where she was in the yard and in what direction she was throwing the ball.

I started near the middle of the tear and did a grid pattern in the north direction. I was getting a few deeper targets and just passed them by. About 20 minutes into the search I got a good signal in the range that small gold rings should be. I pulled back the ring and there was the ring I was looking for. It looked like it was stepped on and it was embedded in the mud, sideways. 

When I showed Katie’s mom she couldn’t believe it. She said Katie would be so happy. 

I Love My Hobby!!