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Lost Gold Chain, Corona, California…..FOUND!

  • from Corona (California, United States)

There was sadness and a hint of despair in the phone call I received from a mother of a young football player.
She explained that last night her son, Luka, had football practice at a local park and was wearing his 18k gold braided chain they got him from Italy, with a gold cross. Somehow it got snagged and broke somewhere on the field. After searching, Luka found the cross but was unable to locate the chain. Then, in another stroke of bad luck, he dropped the cross and couldn’t find it.
So the sadness and despair was warranted.

I told his mom, Maddy, that I was immediately available and we met at the park.
After she and Luka showed me the area he thought he lost it, I began doing a grid search, but without luck. I expanded the search area and in less than a half hour found the chain just a bit further out.
Mom was ecstatic and gave me a big hug. Maddy and Luka went home and I continued to search for the next two hours for the cross but was unable to locate it before having to leave. I hope to go back and continue the hunt.

With mom’s permission I’m posting Luka and the Found Chain!

UPDATE: I went back to the park the next day with my other metal detector. A slow and concentrated search in the muddy area of the practice field, which was pointed out by Luka’s coach and another young football player the day before, brought success! The gold cross was also found!