16 Hours Searching For Lost Gold Ring in Millwood’s Pond Edmonton Alberta.

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)

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I received a call last fall regarding a ring which had fallen into the Millwood’s pond. I was shown the approximate area and was told it would probably be about ten feet from the railing.

As I descended down into the lake I noticed it was full of garbage, pop cans, bottles and bricks, etc.etc. The water was a foot deep, and very mucky. I searched the immediate area and picked up lots of pop cans and pull tabs. AT pro was constantly beeping, however I had no luck finding the ring. I decided to leave and continue my search the following day. I returned and continued the search for another 3 hrs expanding my search to about a 30’x 30’ area. Again no luck.

I asked to be shown the area once more. I was told that they had been bike riding and with the force of the sudden stop the ring had flown off and that he had seen the ring fly. I searched again but did not find it.

This spring I resumed my search, but decided to wait until the water level in the pond dropped. I searched for another 4 hours. Throughout my searches I was constantly picking up garbage. People would stop and thank me for cleaning up their pond, not realizing that I was searching for a ring. After 16 hours of searching I finally found the ring.

Thank you for entrusting me and The Ringfinders to search for your ring.


Please check this article in the Edmonton Journal.




2 Replies to “16 Hours Searching For Lost Gold Ring in Millwood’s Pond Edmonton Alberta.”

  1. Mark Rubey says:

    Way to stick with it on that marathon search!

  2. Jane says:

    I was bike riding with friends in the park around the Mill Woods Town Center storm water management facility also known as Hewes Park, Betty Hewes Pond, or Fake Lake. One of the group lost a 14K initial family ring in the pond after coming to an abrupt stop against the railing on the north observation platform. Norm Peters of The Ring Finders was called to retrieve it. In addition to storm water the pond contains much more: ducks, muskrats, bulrushes, major green slime and tons of refuse including pop cans and pull tabs which are a major nuisance trigger to a metal detector. However, Norm waded in and undertook a most challenging search that covered 4 occasions and totaled over 16 hours. His amazing persistence resulted in the successful recovery of the ring. Norm is a true professional and a very nice guy to boot. Thank you Ring Finders and God bless Norm Peters.


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