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10k Wedding Band Lost In Church Yard! Ermineskin Neighborhood, Edmonton Alberta.

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)

Blake called requesting my service to find his wedding band lost while he was cleaning and picking up garbage around his church yard.
I agreed to meet Blake at the church when I got there he showed me the location where he felt his ring could be, he was around a community garden plot picking garbage and cleaning up the yard then he tells me he put the garbage in bags and dumped them in the dumpster.
My gut feeling was that the ring was in the dumpster! I suggested to Blake to go into the dumpster and remove all the bags and spread them out so I would be able to scan each bag;  while inside the dumpster Blake found his ring lying at the bottom of the bin which made his day.
Thank you Blake for reaching out to me once again to locate his ring, I had done a successful search for Blake back in 2014 he had remembered me and the service I provide.

Gold Wedding band Lost on the side of the road! Greenfield, Neighborhood, Edmonton, Alberta.

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)


I arrived within 45 minutes and Mel showed me where he thought his ring was! He had searched the area with no luck!
I could see where Mel had been searching in the snow and quickly researched the area just to be sure that the ring was not there, then I moved a few feet forward and BANG, a nice sweet tone from my detector.
Mel was very grateful to have his ring back on his finger and also with the service which Theringfinders and I provided him.

Tungsten Wedding Ring Lost. Laurier Heights, Edmonton, Alberta.

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)


I received a text last night from Vincent asking if a metal detector could detect a Tungsten Ring. It was lost while he was shoveling snow on his driveway. I agreed to meet up with him around 11am today.
Vincent showed me the area where his ring could be so I search the area but No ring was found.
I went to the other side of his driveway and searched a snow bank about 20’ x 3’ wide and Bingo there was Vincent’s ring. I called Vincent over and he was over the moon to have his ring back on his finger.
This was the second time Vincent had lost a ring.
Another very happy Client! Thank you Vincent

Vintage Blue Sapphire With Two Diamonds Ring Returned From The Ashes! Oxford Neighborhood, Edmonton Alberta.

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)



Sherry called me to ask if it was possible to retrieve her blue sapphire ring from her burnt out home in north Edmonton. I told her it was possible as long as the house was still standing and not reduced to rubble.  Sherry told me the roof was gone but her bedroom was full of insulation and water damage her ring had been on the dresser but she could not find it anywhere.  She also informed me that someone had looted her home and got away with some valuables. I agreed to do a search for Sherry to put her mind at rest and give her closure.  Sherry told me that she had this ring in her possession for 47 years and would like to have it back before the house was demolished and rebuilt.

I searched her bedroom and within 10 minute found the ring in perfect condition.  Sherry could not believe that I had found her ring in all that rubble – a happy client!

Gold Wedding Ring Lost In The Snow! West End Of Edmonton Alberta

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)


Dmytro called me around 6 pm this evening requesting my service as he had just lost his wedding ring in a dealership parking lot  and could I help him find his ring. Lucky for Dmytro I was only 10 minutes away from him! I agreed to meet him there and for him not to move just in case somebody was walking around the parking lot.

I met up with Dmytro and he explaind that he took the floor mat out of his car and shook the snow off it,  then he took his glove off and thats when his ring fell off his finger and into a snow bank.   Within five minutes I found his ring and handed it back to him! Dmytro was very happy to have the ring back on his finger.  Thank you Dmytro for entrusting me to find your ring.


White Gold Wedding Ring Lost In Compost Bin! Bonnie Doon Edmonton, Alberta

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)

I received a call late last evening from Linda requesting my service to locate her husband’s wedding band which he had lost in a compost bin earlier that evening! After asking Linda a few questions I agreed to search for the ring this morning.
I met with Linda & Keith and they showed me the bin that the ring was lost in. The bin size was approx. 4’x 5’x 3’ high. I asked Keith to show me what he was doing and he told me he was breaking clumps of dirt and that he heard his ring bounce off the side of the bin. I searched the bin, and no ring was to be found, we even pulled out some compost and placed it on a tarp and shifted through it and still no ring. I asked Keith again what he was doing and he said he was 98% sure he heard the ring bounce off the inside of the bin and that the ring had to be in there.
After exhausting all possible areas around the bin I was 100% sure the ring was not there.
I asked Keith what else he was doing before he went to the compost bin. He said he picked up some bedding plants out of the City Recycle Green Bin and put it in his compost bin. We head off to the other side of his yard to the green bin  I received a sweet sound from the inside of the green bin and there was Keith’s ring. Happy smiles from everyone. Thank you Linda & Keith for entrusting me to find your Lost Ring.
Another happy Client.


  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)




Matt called me and explained that he was doing some landscaping in his back yard in July. He was laying landscape fabric before putting bark mulch on top and in the process took off his gloves several time that day! Late that evening while in the house he realized his ring was not on his finger, He Googled “how to find lost rings” and found me on the Ringfinders web site.
I agreed to meet up with Matt last night around 7:30. He showed me the area which he was working in and with all the nails and other metal object in the mulch it made for a tricky search. With persistence, I finally found his ring! Another happy Client.

Lost Car Key @ Victoria Park, Edmonton Alberta

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)

Shad called me this afternoon requesting my assistance to help him find his only key to his car which he lost the other day while waking in the park.

I meet Shad at the park and he showed me the area where his key could possibly be! Within three minutes I had the key back in is hand. Shad told me he spent hours on his hands and knees looking for it the other day with no luck.

Another happy client! Thank you Shad for entrusting me to locate your key.

Lost 10k Gold Wedding Band, Westmount Neighborhood Edmonton, Alberta – Found

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)


I received an email from Robert requesting my services to locate a family heirloom which had been given to him by his late grandfather. Robert told me he was gardening with his wife and he had his hands in his raised garden beds also in his flower beds. After he was done he gathered all the dead foliage into plastic bags and then he realized the ring was missing of his finger.
I told Robert I was out of town until Wednesday so I assured him that since the ring was lost on his property it was in a safe place and to not throw any of the garbage bags out until I checked them.
Once at Robert’s house he showed me where the ring could possibly be, and he checked the area for a couple of hours with no luck.
The soil in the five raised beds was eight inches deep and Robert told me that he was digging with his bare hands to the bottom of the beds. I used my propinter to check his beds and had no luck. I also checked the flower beds with no luck so then I checked his four garbage bags. The third bag contained his ring! Robert was very grateful to have his grandfather’s ring back on his finger.
Thank you Robert for entrusting me and The Ringfinders.

Norm Peters

Lost Phone School Yard Terwillegar Neighborhood, SW Edmonton, Alberta

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)


I received a call from Marnie on Wednesday evening asking if a metal detector could locate a I phone lost in the snow. I told her that it should not be a problem and asked if she knew the approximate area the phone was lost.

I met Marnie and her daughter yesterday afternoon at the school where her school class had been snowshoeing. She wasn’t sure exactly where she had lost her phone but it was along the path they had walked. After about one hour of searching we came up to some bushes and a small creek at the end of the field and this is where her daughter had fallen. That is where I found her phone buried in a foot of snow.

Both were very happy to have the phone back in their possession as all her personal identification was also in the phone wallet. This could have caused a huge problem had the phone ended up in the wrong hands Costly too.

Another happy client and thank you for calling me and the Ring Finders.