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Vintage Blue Sapphire With Two Diamonds Ring Returned From The Ashes! Oxford Neighborhood, Edmonton Alberta.

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)



Sherry called me to ask if it was possible to retrieve her blue sapphire ring from her burnt out home in north Edmonton. I told her it was possible as long as the house was still standing and not reduced to rubble.  Sherry told me the roof was gone but her bedroom was full of insulation and water damage her ring had been on the dresser but she could not find it anywhere.  She also informed me that someone had looted her home and got away with some valuables. I agreed to do a search for Sherry to put her mind at rest and give her closure.  Sherry told me that she had this ring in her possession for 47 years and would like to have it back before the house was demolished and rebuilt.

I searched her bedroom and within 10 minute found the ring in perfect condition.  Sherry could not believe that I had found her ring in all that rubble – a happy client!