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Wedding Ring Lost in Waves Throwing a Frizbee .. Santa Monica, CA. . Recovered Next Day

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

This call began with a text message from Kirby: Hi. Found your # on ringfinders. My wife lost her wedding band in the water yesterday at santa monica beach. Just south of lifeguard 25. She was about 25 yard in from high tide line when it happened.It is very distinctive, simple but custom symbols. Are you available to hunt for it?

I text him back telling him I would be there at start of the 2pm low tide to search in the water. When I arrived they were on the beach in the location. They explained that Rita felt the ring come off while throwing a Frizbee in knee deep water the day before. They have matching white gold wedding bands, so Kirby showed me his. He also had bearings on the shore that he remembered turned out to make this a successful recovery.
They had basically resolved that the ring was lost forever, but I assured them we still had a very good chance to find it. The sand conditions looked perfect. It only took 20 to 30 minutes to find this sentimental wedding band. The second target I dug in knee deep water was Rita’s white gold ring. I walked back towards the two of them sitting on the beach holding my hands up with the ring. Then I tossed it to Kirby as he walked towards me. For the next half hour they kept telling me how they couldn’t believe we found the ring.. They are from Vancouver, BC. enjoying a vacation at Santa Monica Beach. Their vacation was not starting out very well the first day. We were able to change that because they were able to find TheRingFinders.com and they had been able to get me in the general location. It was a pleasure to meet this beautiful couple and we had an awesome day. I love this service, I’ll keep doing this as long as I am able to.