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Lost Keys in the snow north Spokane, Found !!!

  • from Spokane (Washington, United States)

Normally, the one who loses an item, finds a Ring Finder to help. However, today Thomas and his son Benjamin decided to place a Craigslist ad stating the need for a person with a metal detector to find some lost keys. This being a very cold, but sunny Sunday I was watching TV and checking out Craigslist. Finding and reading Thomas and Benjamin’s post about their lost keys, almost made me feel like Batman would have when the bat signal was shown in the sky. So after a quick phone interaction and finding the address on google maps, I was at Thomas’s house swinging my Whites detector in over two feet of snow. Keys can be a hard item to pick up with the normal settings, so I opened up my V3I to accept all metal. The front yard had only a few targets buried deep past the snow and in the lawn and not one was the set of keys. Then Thomas told me two other locations to search. The side yard gave up a few really large targets but no keys, so then we went back by the garage. Suddenly, low and behold, the keys gave me a sound. After giving a quick kick at the snow I said here they are. Benjamin came over with a grin of disbelief and plucked out his keys that he lost over three weeks ago. For Thomas without having his sight he was only able to hold and feel the cold wet metal of the keys. However, this didn’t stop the overwhelming emotion he felt. Thomas couldn’t stop saying how happy he was and how I was his hero. So after we found the keys, I got to see the ’74 Dodge Dart one of the keys belonged too. Also Thomas told me of the important safes that were unlockable until now. This was unlike any search I’ve done where I found the person who lost something, and then turned around and found the lost item. Regardless of this not being a ring search, the sentimental meaning of some of the keys and key fobs made succeeding in this Ring Finders key return, priceless. Thanks for reaching out on the web for help Thomas. The Ring finders as a whole proves to me daily, good people with selfless hearts still exist.

Lost Keys .. Fullerton, CA. .. Found

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

Jasmine lost a set of house keys three days before she found me on TheRingFinders.com website. When we talked on the phone about the loss, I was concerned that it may have lost in a large area. Lately these key searches have been terrible failures because they lost them while jogging or on a long walk. I had just about given up on doing key searches. Jasmin assured me it was a small area.
The city of Fullerton is about a 24 mile drive and at rush hour traffic it was about an hour drive. When I met Jasmin she told me that she had searched everywhere she had been for the last three days. She even drove 40 miles back to work that first day. These keys were important to her because they belonged to her very good friend who had entrusted with the keys.
The only place she couldn’t check was a small lawn area and a small landscaped garden. The day of the loss, she had got out of her car with a handful of miscellaneous items. Before she went into the house, she went to look at a fruit tree that’s where her sunglasses dropped into the landscaping. I look straight down as we were talking and Bingo!! The two keys hiding in some plants.. The time of day may have helped make the keys visible. A very happy lady, Jasmin was. They may have only been a set of keys, but I do realize how much something as simple as a set of keys can upset a person. It was a pleasure to be able to meet Jasmin and help her find those keys. Too bad, I didn’t get to get my detector out of the car.