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Lost gold wedding band recovered from Thompson Lake in Oxford, ME

  • from Rockport (Maine, United States)

I received a call from Karen after her husband Scott had lost his wedding band in 10 feet of water while swimming laps between the dock and swim float in front of their camp on Thompson Lake in Oxford, ME. Scott had immediately realized he lost his ring and marked the location with a large rock. Using his marker I utilized a spiral search pattern and was able to recover the ring buried in several inches of silt within about 10 minutes of commencing the hunt. The couple will celebrate 27 years of marriage in a few weeks and Scott’s ring is safely back on his finger for that special day and many more to follow.

Gold wedding band found in Iowa Lake

  • from Waverly (Iowa, United States)
  • After my last find I received a message from a friend about a Facebook post in the Clear Lake Iowa group.  A gentleman was looking for the guy he saw metal detecting a couple weeks prior. Seems he lost his wedding band at the same beach and lake in the prior find.  I sent him a message and my wife Jeni and I made a plan to pack the camper and spend a couple days in Clear Lake. We arrived and then this morning we went and met Robert at the beach and he took us out to where he lost it. They were standing in the water and he felt it slip off. They were very close to one of the 300’ buoys that marked off the swim area so again we used that as a reference. After searching for a while Robert had to leave as he had some work to do. Jeni and I continued searching and about an hour or so later we were able to come up with the ring. It rang up a solid 61 on the AT Max. We sent Robert a text and continued to scan the area just for fun and found another ring but it was just a gold plated costume ring but neat anyway.  I detected the area for the next couple hours and have to say if bottle tops and beverage tabs were worth anything I would be well off. Also found what I assume to be a boat part and top of a shotgun shell. Just as in life, sometimes you have to sift through trash to get to the gold. We were able to return the Ring to another very happy customer. It was a great day!

Stunning lost gold wedding ring Found/recovered by RingFinder Ryan Cole @ Lake Maxinkuckee, Culver Indiana

  • from Granger (Indiana, United States)

Got tagged by a friend in a Facebook post, in regards to a woman posting that she had lost her wedding ring at “the beach” earlier in the week. I sent Jessica a link to my Ringfinders contact information and received a reply yesterday, four days after the loss. She gave my number to her husband, David, who called me to explain the events and location, etc. We spoke and currently had a window of good weather opportunity, I offered to come down and search immediately. They had posted a reward and said that at least four people had said they were going to search for it (they provided them with the suspected areas etc). David had borrowed a metal detector from a friend and tried searching for the ring, but said the detector never “found” anything in the water or on the beach (cheap detector). I let them know I wasn’t 100% my normal abilities, due to medical restriction from a few recent surgeries, but I would try searching within reason/etc. Pretty much everyone at the beach knew of the lost ring. David said Jessica was playing volleyball in the water, but was always facing towards shore when hitting the ball. I searched the dry sand where they had setup towels/etc, then moved to the water, it’s a rather shallow swim area. There were two little girls with masks on, the older of the two asked if I was looking for the lost ring, I said yes, she said they were both searching for it also, lol . Another little kid had actually found a ring earlier, or a couple days ago, gave it to the mother, who then showed David and Jessica the ring to see if it was theirs. Not being theirs, they told the lady to turn it in to the office lost n found, she said she would, then packed up her stuff to leave and walked right past the office and left. Anyhow, upon searching in the shallow water, I started seeing fresh dig craters, not a good sign. Targets were non existent, which is good and bad, but I kept looking in the zone. Found a pull tab and a couple quarters. Got somewhat worried that someone else had cleaned the place out. Nearing the far edge of where they said she had been, I got a strong signal of something likely laying on top of the sandy bottom. Scooping gently, then washing out the sand slowly, revealed one Massive chunker of a ring, loaded with diamonds. Wowzers! I wasn’t sure if it was the lost one or not, they only had a really poor photo of her ring that was provided to me, which made it look like very yellow gold and not the very white gold this one was. After getting back to my truck, I re-examined the photo they sent and could see the stones were indeed the same pattern/etc as the found one. They had gone to get dinner up the street. I sent them the photo of the ring and made their day!

Lost gold ring in Lake Killarney, Winter Park, Fl….Found and Returned!

  • from Sanford (Florida, United States)

Nichole called me about a special ring her boyfriend lost while swimming in a lake. Apparently Trevor dove off of a dock and as he hit the water he realized he had his gold signet ring on his pinky finger. After he surfaced he began treading water and carefully removed his ring and put it in his back swim suit pocket and reconnected the velcro flap. Feeling it was safe he continued to slowly swim around enjoying the cool water. He was in the water for only a few minutes and had to swim to a nearby boat that was parked at another dock in order to climb out of the water using the ladder. (Neither dock had a ladder!). As soon as he climbed out of the water he felt for his ring and it was gone. Trevor had actually done a somersault in the water just before climbing out and as we talked, that spot seemed to be the obvious area where the ring came out of his pocket.

Thinking that he could retrieve his lost ring himself, he borrowed his brother’s scuba tank and BCD (vest) and tried to locate his ring but the bottom was so full of aquatic plants of various kinds.

Knowing that it is very difficult to search underwater when the visibility is very limited I opted to put together a submersible PVC grid frame measuring 5 feet by 20 feet. (I first saw this idea by another member of theringfinders who lives in Houston, Texas…a mister John Volek and also Jeff Morgan from Seattle, WA. gave me some extra tips on putting it together…thank you gentlemen!). This apparatus really is a game changer when doing underwater searches and I experienced it first hand!

I met Trevor at his apartment complex and loaded up all my gear on my handy beach fishing cart and we headed to the lake. It took a little while to get all set up but by 11:00am I was in the water and descending to the bottom. I could not believe just how thick the weeds and growth were and there was absolutely no way for me to use my Tesoro Tiger Shark metal detector! So I opted to use my 6 inch Pulse Dive Scuba Detector which proved to be the perfect tool for the job. Thankfully I had put a 12 inch foot on each corner of my PVC grid and that allowed me to inch my way along as I pushed and shoved my small hand held detector in and through the mass of weeds. It took me over an hour just to cover the grid inside and along the outside and I was getting very tired and plus I had not found Trevor’s lost ring. I surfaced to get a drink and rethink why Trevor’s ring was not in the target area…where he had done the somersault. We stood on the dock talking about the details of how he dove in the water and promptly put his ring into his back pocket and I repeated my earlier question about there being no holes in his pocket….and I actually leaned back and looked at his pocket and low and behold there was a factory made button hole slit…to let water out! Trevor was shocked as he had assured me his pockets had NO HOLES! Bingo! We had us a new search area! He showed me exactly where he dove into the water, where he surfaced and where he was when he put the ring in his back pocket. So I moved the PVC grid and within 20 minutes I had Trevor’s lost gold ring in my hand! What a relief and thrill it was to present Trevor with his special ring! Again I thanked God for directing me and giving me success and encouraged Trevor not to swim with his ring on! Lost something? Call ASAP!

Mike McInroe…blessed to be a member of

Lost wedding ring/set recovered, Bass Lake, Indiana

  • from Granger (Indiana, United States)

Julie had walked out to the docked pontoon, boarded it and was cleaning the seats near the rear of the deck. At one point, she was near the rearmost deck rail by the outboard engine. Her wedding ring (soldered set) slipped off her finger and took the plunge into the water. She said she saw it go into the water. Her and her husband tried to recover the ring to no avail.

They turned to the internet, searching for any means to find a lost ring in the water and came across the RingFinders website and contacted me.

Julie said she Always takes her ring off to go out by the water, but simply forgot, this one time!
As usual, being near a pier/dock, I had the usual undesirable targets to deal with, like nuts, bolts, metallic debris and hot rocks.

After about five minutes I got a good sounding signal on the detector, crossed my fingers (betting this was gonna be it). I located the target with my pinpointer and could feel a ring with a really large topside in my fingers. Looked to be it!

Didn’t waste any time, turned and carefully handed it over to Julie, who broke out in tears crying. I was at the ready to catch the ring or her, just in case.

A lot of family was there, for Father’s Day, they all expressed their appreciation.