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Gold wedding band found in Iowa Lake

  • from Waverly (Iowa, United States)
  • After my last find I received a message from a friend about a Facebook post in the Clear Lake Iowa group.  A gentleman was looking for the guy he saw metal detecting a couple weeks prior. Seems he lost his wedding band at the same beach and lake in the prior find.  I sent him a message and my wife Jeni and I made a plan to pack the camper and spend a couple days in Clear Lake. We arrived and then this morning we went and met Robert at the beach and he took us out to where he lost it. They were standing in the water and he felt it slip off. They were very close to one of the 300’ buoys that marked off the swim area so again we used that as a reference. After searching for a while Robert had to leave as he had some work to do. Jeni and I continued searching and about an hour or so later we were able to come up with the ring. It rang up a solid 61 on the AT Max. We sent Robert a text and continued to scan the area just for fun and found another ring but it was just a gold plated costume ring but neat anyway.  I detected the area for the next couple hours and have to say if bottle tops and beverage tabs were worth anything I would be well off. Also found what I assume to be a boat part and top of a shotgun shell. Just as in life, sometimes you have to sift through trash to get to the gold. We were able to return the Ring to another very happy customer. It was a great day!