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Gold wedding band found in Iowa Lake

  • from Waverly (Iowa, United States)
  • After my last find I received a message from a friend about a Facebook post in the Clear Lake Iowa group.  A gentleman was looking for the guy he saw metal detecting a couple weeks prior. Seems he lost his wedding band at the same beach and lake in the prior find.  I sent him a message and my wife Jeni and I made a plan to pack the camper and spend a couple days in Clear Lake. We arrived and then this morning we went and met Robert at the beach and he took us out to where he lost it. They were standing in the water and he felt it slip off. They were very close to one of the 300’ buoys that marked off the swim area so again we used that as a reference. After searching for a while Robert had to leave as he had some work to do. Jeni and I continued searching and about an hour or so later we were able to come up with the ring. It rang up a solid 61 on the AT Max. We sent Robert a text and continued to scan the area just for fun and found another ring but it was just a gold plated costume ring but neat anyway.  I detected the area for the next couple hours and have to say if bottle tops and beverage tabs were worth anything I would be well off. Also found what I assume to be a boat part and top of a shotgun shell. Just as in life, sometimes you have to sift through trash to get to the gold. We were able to return the Ring to another very happy customer. It was a great day!

Lost New GoPro in Iowa Marsh

  • from Waverly (Iowa, United States)

The following story is from a local Nature Photographer who contacted me because he lost his GoPro

This picture says it all. I was paddling my kayak in about 30-degree temperatures when a spindly little branch knocked my 2-month old GoPro camera into moving water that was deep. In fact, the water was deeper than my chest-high waders were tall.

Finding this was more than just finding a nearly new GoPro camera. Along with the camera was a mount, a small tripod, and a high capacity memory card. Obviously the value of this was more than just replacing a camera.

I contacted Jason Scanlan at “The Ringfinders” to discuss running a metal detector in the cold, moving water. Within ten-minutes of searching there was a “beep” in the headphones and I knew where to scoop with a long-handled net. Another minute or so later and I had my GoPro camera and equipment back in my hands. I pressed the power button and was able to watch the recorded journey my camera took after being knocked off of my kayak.

Thank you Jason Scanlan/The Ringfinders!

Ladage Photography

Lost Ring in Iowa again

  • from Waverly (Iowa, United States)

Received a message from a guy that I helped last year. His Fiancée lost her ring again in the same yard as last time. It is only about 15 miles away so I went right down there. She was raking leaves and caught the rake tines on her ring and away it went. They tried to find it before looking me up. They showed me where they thought it was lost and sure enough within 5 minutes they had the ring back. This would  be my first repeat customer.


Lost Wedding Ring in Iowa snow – Found

  • from Waverly (Iowa, United States)

I bought a metal detector a few years back and my son and I would use it to find coins and other objects.  Well, a couple years ago, one of my fellow Firefighters texted me about 2 months after his wedding and asked if I had a metal detector. My response was, yes, where did you lose your wedding ring. His response was “How did you know! In my yard” Well it was the middle of winter with temps around 0 and 2 feet of snow on the ground, I was pretty sure he wasn’t going to be digging any treasures. Seems his ring was a little loose on his finger and he was outside and he went to throw something away from his house and his ring went with it. I went to his house and by this time it was almost dark and he was in a panic and was scared to tell his wife. I started by asking what he was doing and kind of reenacted what he did and started the search. Within 5 minutes we both heard the distinctive tone from the detector and he looked down and picked up his ring with my pin-pointer. He was relieved that he could go back into the house.

Since then I have wondered about a metal detecting service but never really pursued it until I found Ring Finders and just signed up. Give me a call and let me try and help you find your lost items.

Sorry, I never took a photo of it but the next time I find one for someone, I will sure to take a photo.