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Stunning lost gold wedding ring Found/recovered by RingFinder Ryan Cole @ Lake Maxinkuckee, Culver Indiana

  • from Granger (Indiana, United States)

Got tagged by a friend in a Facebook post, in regards to a woman posting that she had lost her wedding ring at “the beach” earlier in the week. I sent Jessica a link to my Ringfinders contact information and received a reply yesterday, four days after the loss. She gave my number to her husband, David, who called me to explain the events and location, etc. We spoke and currently had a window of good weather opportunity, I offered to come down and search immediately. They had posted a reward and said that at least four people had said they were going to search for it (they provided them with the suspected areas etc). David had borrowed a metal detector from a friend and tried searching for the ring, but said the detector never “found” anything in the water or on the beach (cheap detector). I let them know I wasn’t 100% my normal abilities, due to medical restriction from a few recent surgeries, but I would try searching within reason/etc. Pretty much everyone at the beach knew of the lost ring. David said Jessica was playing volleyball in the water, but was always facing towards shore when hitting the ball. I searched the dry sand where they had setup towels/etc, then moved to the water, it’s a rather shallow swim area. There were two little girls with masks on, the older of the two asked if I was looking for the lost ring, I said yes, she said they were both searching for it also, lol . Another little kid had actually found a ring earlier, or a couple days ago, gave it to the mother, who then showed David and Jessica the ring to see if it was theirs. Not being theirs, they told the lady to turn it in to the office lost n found, she said she would, then packed up her stuff to leave and walked right past the office and left. Anyhow, upon searching in the shallow water, I started seeing fresh dig craters, not a good sign. Targets were non existent, which is good and bad, but I kept looking in the zone. Found a pull tab and a couple quarters. Got somewhat worried that someone else had cleaned the place out. Nearing the far edge of where they said she had been, I got a strong signal of something likely laying on top of the sandy bottom. Scooping gently, then washing out the sand slowly, revealed one Massive chunker of a ring, loaded with diamonds. Wowzers! I wasn’t sure if it was the lost one or not, they only had a really poor photo of her ring that was provided to me, which made it look like very yellow gold and not the very white gold this one was. After getting back to my truck, I re-examined the photo they sent and could see the stones were indeed the same pattern/etc as the found one. They had gone to get dinner up the street. I sent them the photo of the ring and made their day!