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Wedding ring found in snow, and returned to owner.

  • from Reading (Pennsylvania, United States)

Jackie called and told me she lost her wedding ring in the snow after an evening of sledding at her sisters house. I arrived the next day and began my search. Due to her schedule, Jackie was unable to be there with me. After searching for about 20 min., I gave her a call to obtain some more information on the exact area she was sledding. After I spoke to her, I received a great hit on my Garrett ATPro under some ice. I had to use my shovel to break up the ice and then I found her ring. I sent her a text with a photo and she immediately called me and was so excited.

We made arrangements for her to drive to my house to get the ring back. I met her a few hours later and she told me they had bought a metal detector and searched for hours with no luck. If you have lost a ring or piece of jewelry, don’t waste the time and money trying to search with a cheap detector but call me at 610-207-8677 and allow me to find your lost item with my professional equipment.


Lost engagement ring in Easton, PA “FOUND” in a snow pile on city street

  • from Reading (Pennsylvania, United States)

I received a text from Chyanee that she lost her engagement ring after slipping and falling in the snow. I immediately returned her call to gather more info. She told me that while exiting her car to go into a store in Easton, PA, she slipped and fell and felt the ring fly off her finger. They searched the streets and piles of snow for over 45 min. with no luck. I just happened to be off work the following day and was able to arrive first thing in the morning. Time was of the essence because a new snow storm was on it’s way and because it was on a city street, we didn’t want the wrong person to find it. Chyanee’s fiancée Nick was able to meet me and show me the area she fell. After about 10 min of searching, I found the ring in a large snow pile on the sidewalk. It was another great find this winter and one of my first in a downtown city.

Lost ring in Pleasant Grove: Found

Rachelle was brushing off her pants on the third floor of her apartment building, just outside her door, when she felt her wedding ring slip off her finger. She didn’t hear it land, and she couldn’t find it anywhere around her door, so she knew it must have fallen three stories into the snow. That’s when she found and gave me a call. I arrived at the apartment complex at about 9:00 pm, in the dark. We used headlamps and detected the snowy grass area below her apartment, but there was no ring there. Part of my job as a ring finder is to help people narrow down their search area by telling them where their ring is not, and it wasn’t in the grass. So we turned our attention to the next place to check, on the concrete on the other side of a fence. They had looked earlier, but hadn’t seen any marks in the fresh snow. We got a key, unlocked the gate, and started looking. Rachelle’s husband noticed a glint in his headlamp in the shallow snow, and found the ring up next to the fence. I’m counting this ring in my finds even though I’m not the one that actually found it, because I helped them narrow down the places where the ring could be. I’m glad for the part I played in helping find the ring!

Lost Wedding Ring Recovered in Calgary, Alberta

  • from Calgary (Alberta, Canada)

Tyler had been celebrating Christmas in his backyard Hot Tub when they decided it would be a good idea to jump out of the Hot Water and jump into the Cold Snow to make Snow Angels  BRRRRR!   Unfortunately the extreme cold of the snow made his wet finger shrink and in the process of flailing around to make a Snow Angel his Wedding Ring came off and was lost in the snow, which was 6-8 inches deep over the whole yard.   Tyler left a message and I returned his call, we arranged to meet at his home.  When Tyler showed me where they had been frolicking in the snow I decided to start my search.    Within two passes across the back yard with my Garrett AT-PRO Metal Detector I got the unmistakeable sound of White Gold. I swept  through the snow and there it was gleaming up at me.   Tyler was extremely happy and relieved to have his wedding and back on his finger as you can see form the photo below.

Another satisfied customer.

White Gold Ring Recovered in Snow

Wedding Band Recovered

Engagement ring recovered from Eldora Ski Area parking lot

  • from Denver (Colorado, United States)
It was a Tuesday night and I had just gotten home from the gym at 7:30 and was about to get something to eat when I noticed the answering machine blinking. There was the sad voice of a young lady asking me to help her search for her lost engagement ring. I called Jamie back and we had a brief conversation, she believed that her engagement ring was lost while changing out of her ski bibs in the parking lot of a “nearby” ski area. I had Jamie call the ski area to inquire about doing a search. While Jamie was making her call I quickly made a sandwich and ate. Jamie called back after several minutes stating that she couldn’t get ahold of the ski area as it had been closed for several hours by then.
The weather that night was a bit brisk; at my home the thermometer read 1 degree above 0 and it was snowing. I knew that going up to a ski area the temperature would be even colder so I needed to change. By the time I changed my clothes, gathered my gear and loaded my truck it was now 9:00 PM. The ski area that was my destination was an hour’s drive in good weather, but I still made drive in an hour and 15 minutes.
Upon arrival I checked my trucks thermometer prior to stepping out, it read -17. WOW, my coldest search yet. Luckily there was only a slight breeze so with wind chill it had to be around -20 to -25 degrees. Jamie, Mike (Jamie’s other half) and I talked about the location of their car during the ring’s loss. While marking out the search area in the fresh snow a guy in a front end loader who was clearing the snow form the parking lots stopped by to see what we were up to. Upon hearing that Jamie lost her ring and that I was there to search for it he raised his eyebrows and said “Good luck” then he continued on his with his business.
I began my search on the east end of our search area, after a half hours search my XLT’s screen had become very sluggish and pretty much useless. I typically detect by tone anyway so the lack of VDI was not a big deal. Another 5 – 10 minutes later I heard that wonderful tone and I scraped the top layer of snow away. The signal moved so I broke out my pinpoint probe and zeroed in on the target. When I brushed some more snow away there was Jamie’s ring, I must say her ring is quite exquisite. Jamie and Mike were so excited to get her ring back. I received a bone crushing hug and a good hearty hand shack and then we proceeded to get some photos.
Jamie and Mike live in Texas and were heading back home in just over 24 hours. I am sure that they will have some good things to say about us Coloradoans, metal detectorists and The Ring Finders.
Ring recovered February 4th, 2014.
Cold but happy

Cold but happy

Jamie's engagement ring

Jamie’s engagement ring

Lost Titanium Wedding Ring Recovered – Carburn Park Calgary

  • from Calgary (Alberta, Canada)

I received a call from Wayne, he had lost his wedding ring at Carburn Park, Calgary in the snow during a photo shoot.  Wayne explained, that while doing a photo shoot he wanted to capture the kids playing in the snow, he laid down on the snow and had them throw snow at him while he took their photos.
When he got up he shook the snow from his bare hands and you guessed it, the ring flew off into the snow. Despite the efforts of everyone searching for the ring by kicking and scuffing through the snow they couldn’t find it.  A few days later Wayne visited The Ring Finders Website and called me.

We set up a time to meet at Carburn Park, Calgary and when he arrived he took me to the site which was a nice leisurely stroll through the woods. When we got there it was easy to see where the loss had happened due to all the foot prints. I knew I was looking for a Titanium Ring and so expected to hear a loud mid-tone on my metal detector with a ID# of around 55, I searched the trampled area and on my 2nd swing got an a loud mid-tone signal and an ID of 61 so I scratched at what was already compact snow until I got to terra firma, once I got to the grass I knew the target was  most likely under ground which meant it couldn’t be his ring.  I stood up and pin pointed it and it came up at about 4″ deep but then I noticed I was getting another target about 3 inches away upon scraping the snow away I recovered Wayne’s wedding band. He was very happy to get his wedding ring back and said his wife will be even happier.  The walk through the woods took about 10 minutes the recovery about 2 minutes. Another happy ending courtesy of The Ring Finders.

Wayne with His Recovered Wedding Ring

Wayne with His Recovered Wedding Ring

Close Up of Wayes Ring

Close Up of Wayne’s Ring




The equipment and Settings I used for this Recovery:
o Garrett ATPRO International
– Pro Coin Mode
– Iron Audio On
– Iron Discrim 35
– Sensitivity Full
o Garrett ATPRO 5 x 7 Coil
o Garrett PinPointer Pro
o Garrett Retriever


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How to Find a Lost Gold Ring In The Snow in Maple Ridge, BC

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

I received a call yesterday from a young lady who’s nephew lost his older brothers gold signet ring that was handed down to him from his aunts late father. You can image how devastated the lady was to find out that her nephew who was throwing a snowball and lost the ring that he wasn’t supposed to be wearing.Emily went on to google to search for ways to find the lost ring, she was thinking of renting a metal detector when she found The Ring Finders website and to her surprise someone who could help her locate the ring…Me!Sometimes these searches can be very difficult depending on how accurate the person is in regards to where they were throwing the snowball… in most cases many snowballs are being thrown in all directions in this case he only through one at a specific area of the back yard.After only 3 minutes or so I got a nice ring tone on my Whites V3I and I bent down with my pinpointed to discover the lost gold signet ring in about 2 inches of snow…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI love the smiles you can find when you locate someones lost ring! The story was that Emily’s father passed away many years ago and his signet ring with his family crest was to be copied and given to all the family members when they turned 21. If that original ring was lost there would be no way to have others made from the original… OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI know that the young man felt horrible for what happened, we all learn from our mistakes and the ring is back where it needs to be and in 5 years time he will have one of his own. I love my job! If you lost something and need it found…Call: Chris TurnerVideo to the search…