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How to Find a Lost Gold Ring In The Snow in Maple Ridge, BC

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

I received a call yesterday from a young lady who’s nephew lost his older brothers gold signet ring that was handed down to him from his aunts late father. You can image how devastated the lady was to find out that her nephew who was throwing a snowball and lost the ring that he wasn’t supposed to be wearing.Emily went on to google to search for ways to find the lost ring, she was thinking of renting a metal detector when she found The Ring Finders website and to her surprise someone who could help her locate the ring…Me!Sometimes these searches can be very difficult depending on how accurate the person is in regards to where they were throwing the snowball… in most cases many snowballs are being thrown in all directions in this case he only through one at a specific area of the back yard.After only 3 minutes or so I got a nice ring tone on my Whites V3I and I bent down with my pinpointed to discover the lost gold signet ring in about 2 inches of snow…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI love the smiles you can find when you locate someones lost ring! The story was that Emily’s father passed away many years ago and his signet ring with his family crest was to be copied and given to all the family members when they turned 21. If that original ring was lost there would be no way to have others made from the original… OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI know that the young man felt horrible for what happened, we all learn from our mistakes and the ring is back where it needs to be and in 5 years time he will have one of his own. I love my job! If you lost something and need it found…Call: Chris TurnerVideo to the search…https://youtu.be/6oCMMd9hQlU