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Lost Diamond Engagement Ring, Lake Pelham, Culpeper, Virginia…FOUND!

  • from Fairfax (Virginia, United States)

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July 21, 2020: On Sunday, Maria was enjoying the Pelham Lake Park gazebo with her friends and family. She briefly removed her ring and it accidently dropped, bouncing off the table, falling in between the deck boards into the water. Maria attempted to find the ring but realized the depth and mud made it impossible to find without a detectorist’s help. She called me and we set up a time to search.

Lake Pelham

Every search is unique, and this one was no exception. The lake around and under the gazebo is about 4 feet deep. The mud was about 1 ½ feet deep. I worked my way from the shore and stooped under the gazebo. The first detector did not work well in the mud. I made the trip back to my car and got my Excalibur. After an hour of laboring through fishing lures, bits of trash, and construction materials, I finally heard that lovely tone.

It was such a pleasure to meet Maria and the other lovely ladies. Their unabashed delight at seeing the ring made me so happy!

Bonita Beach / Estero lost gold & diamond ring found

  • from Marco Island (Florida, United States)

(March 2, 2019) While vacationing with her husband and family from Minnesota and spending the afternoon at a nice sunny Florida beach, Nicole discovered that her rose gold  diamond wedding engagement ring she’d carefully hidden in a secure location was missing.  After sifting trough the sand without result, she found The Ring Finders site and made the call.  The rest is history.  Another happy customer whose smile says it all, and happy husband too – Blessings!!!

If you’ve lost a ring, jewelry or something metal, I can help you find it!  Call Mark Greul of Naples, Florida (239)500-RING (7464).

Engagement Ring Lost in the sand, Found and Returned. Myrtle Beach, SC.

  • from Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

I got a phone call from Jim Wren, TRF North Myrtle Beach, around 8:00 Friday night. He received a call from Jeremiah about his wife’s lost engagement ring in Myrtle Beach. Jim and I respect each other turf when it comes to ring searches, and often we work together on many of them, or cover for each other. I told Jim that it would be a couple hours before I could get there and asked if he wanted to take the call. Jim was equally out of the area, so I told him I’d take the call. Getting the particulars from Jim, I called Jeremiah back and told him it would be 10:00 before I could get there. We made arrangements to meet.

Arriving at the beach with my equipment, I met Jeremiah, Brittany and John. They explained the loss to me. Brittany had not moved from the spot that she lost the ring 2 hours before. She lost the ring in shallow water while playing football. Catching the ball sent her ring into the water’s edge. She saw it lying in the sand just before a wave took it away. For 2 hours she stared at this 20 foot by 20 foot area, while Jeremiah found The Ring Finders on his phone.  I had them rub their left earlobe for luck as I started what was going to be a 30 by 30 foot grid. About 10 feet into the grid, and 31 cents, I got the beautiful golden tone on my Minelab 30-30 CTX. Carefully sending the scoop into the wet sand, I dumped the sand next to the hole. Spreading the sand with my foot revealed a beautiful white gold, diamond engagement ring. The ring that Jeremiah had placed on her finger 3 years before. As it shown in the light from my headlamp, Brittany snatched it up. Cheers from the four of us broke the tense silence. Then “The Ring Dance” started. High fives, hugs and laughter ensued. We don’t find them all, but it sure feels good when we do.

Jeremiah, Thank You for your service to our country. Brittany, Jeremiah and John, Thank You for the hansom reward. Good luck in your futures.

Lost Wedding Rings on Mother’s Day … Aliso Beach, Laguna, CA. … Found in the Sand

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

Sunday … May 11, 2014

I’m starting to believe that ” THERE ARE NO COINCIDENCES”

Last week I found a nice wedding band set while searching for another lost ring. I had a call from a lady who had lost a ring 5/5/14 at Aliso Beach, CA. It seems she was putting on sun screen and had taken off her ring forgetting to put it on after applying the lotion. Six days had passed with beach cleaning machines and other detectorists, but I wanted to give it a try. When I arrived at the beach there were still a lot of people on the beach. I started messing around back away from the search area to use up some time till I could start my grid search. I did a two hour two way grid search for the ring lost last week with no success.

While working my way up to the beach front a lifeguard came up to me telling me about another lady that had lost her ring. I walked about 50 yards. When I got close Landan and her mother-in-law, Julie came up to me with surprised looks on their faces. They were at their wits end and couldn’t believe that some guy with a metal detector had just showed up out of no ware.  They had gone home and tried to locate a someone that could help them find the lost ring with no luck. It was Sunday and they could not get anyone to answer their calls. They returned to the beach to resume running their fingers through the sand.  Ladan told me that she had been playing in the sand with her daughter about noon when she noticed she had lost her ring. I confidently told her it should be an easy search, but then she told me that she had made several trips to the water to fill a bucket with wet sand. That could be a major problem, but I tried to stay positive.  People were all over the area and they all seemed to know about Ladan’s dilemma. I was able to find the larger ring within a few minutes. Nobody noticed that I retrieved the big ring in my sand scoop, so I set my detector down, walked over and presented it to Ladan. The tears of joy flowed. It was a special moment for her and everyone around the area. Then she said you’ve found the big one. I realized that she had lost the wedding band also. In the excitement they forgot or I didn’t hear that there was two rings lost. It was a matter of a few more swings of my search coil and within 4 feet of the first ring. A very special Mother’s Day for Ladan to remember.  One of the ladies on the beach came over to me after things settled down saying that she had been praying for the last two hours that Ladan would find her rings.  I’m going to add a personal email that Julie ( relative of Ladan) sent me.

Email from Julie:    GRATEFUL 

May 11,2014

Dear Stan, you were our “Dragon Slayer” today. My daughter-in-law felt completely helpless until you appeared with your twinkling blue eyes and confident attitude! And then in a matter of minutes you found her rings and released her from her pain.  Now, her pain was not about losing valuable objects. It was about her husband and the love the rings represent, HIS LOVE FOR HER! She wanted to find them more for him than for herself. It was an amazing Mother’s Day gift for me to discover Ladan’s sense of determination and depth of character. I have a wonderful new story to tell about what really matters in life. A true Mother’s Day gift. Thank You! I’ll never forget you……Julie