Lost Diamond Engagement Ring, Lake Pelham, Culpeper, Virginia…FOUND!

  • from Fairfax (Virginia, United States)

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July 21, 2020: On Sunday, Maria was enjoying the Pelham Lake Park gazebo with her friends and family. She briefly removed her ring and it accidently dropped, bouncing off the table, falling in between the deck boards into the water. Maria attempted to find the ring but realized the depth and mud made it impossible to find without a detectorist’s help. She called me and we set up a time to search.

Lake Pelham

Every search is unique, and this one was no exception. The lake around and under the gazebo is about 4 feet deep. The mud was about 1 ½ feet deep. I worked my way from the shore and stooped under the gazebo. The first detector did not work well in the mud. I made the trip back to my car and got my Excalibur. After an hour of laboring through fishing lures, bits of trash, and construction materials, I finally heard that lovely tone.

It was such a pleasure to meet Maria and the other lovely ladies. Their unabashed delight at seeing the ring made me so happy!

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  1. Maria Barrios says:

    You have no idea how HAPPY you made me and my family that day. To be honest, I really thought I was wasting my time- but seeing you work and try so hard gave me a lot of hope(even if you had not found it- it would have been worth the try :). You are truly a great human being and I’m super glad I called you(I feel silly for doubting you when I first called you).

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