Lost Diamond Ring Found in the Leaves! Newton, Massachusetts

  • from Stonington (Connecticut, United States)

A diamond ring was lost while exercising and found in the leaves – Newton, Massachusetts! Samantha was on her deck exercising one morning. While doing jumping jacks, her gold diamond ring went flying off her finger. She heard it bounce on the wooden planks and disappear into the freshly fallen leaves. Unsure if the ring was still on the deck or if the ring was lost in the leaves below, she and her family searched for the lost ring day and night, with no luck in finding the lost ring. Landscapers came and blew the freshly fallen leaves across the property, potentially moving the lost ring around and complicating the search. Within a few days of losing the ring, Samantha’s husband found my website rediscoverlost.com, completed my online form, and booked a ring search. When I arrived in Massachusetts, the leaves were even deeper than when the ring was lost. I searched in the nearest areas to where Samantha was exercising and worked my way outwards. Metal detecting under the deck, in the nearby plant pots, and around the walking path, I was coming up empty in my search. Expanding my search to the nearby property line, I got a promising signal under some trees. Brushing the leaves away, I realized this signal was too deep in the dirt to be a recently lost ring. After investigating a couple of metal-detecting signals, I finally saw the luster of the diamonds and gold! The flying ring bounced quite a bit further and in a different direction than expected. The ring was once again reunited with Samantha! Check out the YouTube video below for Samantha’s reaction to getting her lost diamond ring back!


How to Find a Lost Diamond Ring

Did you lose a wedding band in the leaves? It happens all the time! Don’t waste time renting, borrowing, or purchasing a metal detector. Stop, mark the area where you believe the wedding band was lost, and give me a call. My jewelry-finding service covers Connecticut, New York, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and surrounding states.


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