Lost Diamond Ring Found in the Sand! Watch Hill, Rhode Island

  • from Stonington (Connecticut, United States)

A lost diamond ring was found in the sand in Watch Hill, Rhode Island! A Family was visiting the beach and was using the local facilities when disaster struck. The wife was shaking water off her hands as she walked through the sandy area when the ring flew off. Some hobbyist metal detectors happened to be walking by and tried to help out. The hobbyists found some metal trash but no ring. The family had already left town, so this was a remote search. Through maps and photos, I was able to locate the general area. Then, I found some marks in the sand that were obvious to me someone was dragging their fingers through the sand (check out the YouTube video below to see the marks). The finger marks in the sand helped me narrow down the exact area, and the search began. I found a bit of typical beach trash and had to adjust my metal detector to adapt to large metal objects under the sand and some electrical interference. I eventually came across a small signal that sounded promising. A thin diamond band emerged from the sand as I swept my metal detector across the surface. With a quick Facetime call, I let the family know the lost ring was found and met up to return the ring shortly after!

How to Find a Lost Diamond Ring

Did you lose a wedding band in the sand? It happens all the time! Don’t waste time renting, borrowing, or purchasing a metal detector. Stop, mark the area where you believe the wedding band was lost, and give me a call. My jewelry-finding service covers Connecticut, New York, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and surrounding states.

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