THREE Lost Rings Found in the Snow! Morris, CT

  • from Stonington (Connecticut, United States)

Three rings were lost while Emi played in the snow with her kid – Morris, CT.

From Emi:

“I lost three rings. An engagement ring, a wedding band, and an eternity ring. They are all gold with some diamonds. I was sledding with my child, and luckily for photos, we narrowed it to a small timeframe where the areas could be indoors but most likely out in the snow.”

A photo in the main bedroom at around 9:55 AM captured all three rings still on Emi’s finger. Then, a video of Emi and her kid being pulled around on a sled in the front yard shows the rings were missing by 10:06 AM. Emi also told me she fell in the snow, so there was enough outdoor activity that I felt confident the lost rings could be outdoors. I began searching the snow, marking the areas I covered. This property was old, so there was lots of metal in the ground from centuries of occupation. Signals were ringing through my metal-detecting headphones every couple of feet. The high volume of signals complicates a snow search because, with snow on the ground, you cannot just look down and see if the rings are there. I had to dig through the snow to check every signal. It was an emotional rollercoaster for the spectators because every time I bent over to check a signal, it caused some excitement. Then, they were disappointed when they realized the signal was buried under the ground but could still ring through the inches of snow. I eventually heard a signal and pushed the snow out of the way with my foot, exposing a circular, shiny item. It was a thick gold wedding band! The engagement and eternity rings were only a short distance away in another snow pile. Emi and her family were jumping with joy to have the gold rings back!

From Emi:

“Rarely do I leave a review, but I was so impressed with Keith’s quick find. Took him 30 mins to find 3 rings I had lost in the snow. I was out sledding with my kid after a fresh set of snow and of course, didn’t think to wear gloves. It wasn’t until much later that I noticed my rings missing, and after going through photos, we narrowed it down to a small timeframe. We bought a metal detector and searched out in the snow to no avail. I emailed Keith, and he got back to me early next morning with news that he could come in a few days as he was booked. Due to the snow, it seemed like it was a busy time. He came that Sunday and gave me a 2-hour window with an approximate eta. He showed up on time with a very serious metal detector and went straight to work after asking a few questions. He’s a really nice guy with a warm but professional demeanor, and I would hire him again in a heartbeat if it happened again. He’s 100% legit and worth every penny. I am so grateful for his service and can’t thank him enough! Thanks, Keith!”


How to Find a Lost Ring

Did you lose a ring in the snow? It happens all the time! Don’t waste time renting, borrowing, or purchasing a metal detector. Stop, mark the area where you believe the wedding band was lost, and give me a call. My jewelry-finding service covers Connecticut, New York, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and surrounding states.


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