Family Crest Ring Reunited. 21rst Birthday Present Ring Reunited

Got a call from Luke Barube last night, he is also a Ring Finder. After getting home from finding a ring for someone yesterday, he received another call about a family crest ring lost, because it was so far away he called me in on it. I asked Luke to pass my info along to him.
Later that evening, I received a call from Andy, who said he had lost his 14K yellow Gold family crest ring, it happened about a month earlier in chest deep water, while playing with his dog.
 I told him that there is no guarantee, but I will give it a heck of a try. Andy also said it was a Birthday present for turning 21. We walked down to the beach a few blocks away. I asked him to walk out to the area, stop and turn around, that I would walk out to him. I turned on my detector, and walked two feet while swinging, and my very first signal turned out was his family crest ring staring up at me in my scoop.It was very deep, even after a month in the saltwater. I motioned to him to come over, and he just couldn’t believe I had it already, or that I had found it at all. This is why we do what we do. After a few woo hoo’s and fist pumps, we walked back to the cottage and he yelled to his wife Dianne “We got it” her response was that’s just incredible. Congratulations. Andy said he has a real Treasure story to tell at the BBQ this weekend. I told him he’ll be a hit. Glad it back where it belongs.
Sincerely  Leighton,


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  1. Andy Godfrey says:

    What an amazing adventure to finally have my crest ring back after being lost in the ocean for a month! Leighton is very professional, and I can’t recommend him highly enough. He said it’s important to have a positive attitude about getting it back, and I always did. Thanks again, Leighton, for a job well done, you are a modern day treasure hunter!

    1. Hello Andy Thank You for putting me in the rite spot. It’s always a challenge but you helped more than you know. Keep the faith my friend and yes I’m a modern day PIRATE… arrrrrr

    2. It was my pleasure to get it back to you Andy. Sorry it took so long to find it. Inside humor… Have a wonderful Summer. Leighton

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