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Gold Nugget in the dugout… Burnaby

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)
Dugout Nugget
Dugout Nugget

A few years ago I was at my mechanics getting my truck fixed, as I was sitting and reading a treasure magazine Dale came into the room and asked me about the ”Finders” rack card he saw in cab of my truck.

Dale owns the shop and has been friends with my wife since they were kids and fixing her car for many years.

I told him that I treasure hunt and that I started a service to help people find their lost jewellery at beaches, parks, lakes, yard & ski resorts.

He seemed very interested and I could tell that he wanted to ask me a question so I asked if he had lost something.

He laughed and said that he’d lost his refined gold nugget that was made from all of his old gold. I asked where, he said at a baseball diamond in Burnaby.

I told him that I’d take a look for it, he said that it had been lost for over two years and that he saw people metal detecting in that park and that it would be a waste of my time.

I told him that you never know unless you check it out and I’d be happy to do so. He gave me the name of the park and he told me that he put the nugget in his bag before the game and left it on the bleachers.

Later in the game he went to get a shirt from out of his bag, and that’s where he thought the nugget fell out. He also descried the nugget and then drew it on paper and gave it to me.

After I got my truck fixed I drove out to the park to take a look and see if I could find it for him. I found the bleachers and they were metal and light, so I moved them over about ten feet in order to search the area.

After grid searching the area I found a bit of change and bottle caps and pull tabs but no gold… I sat there for a second thinking about where else I should search and just for the heck of it I searched the dugout and within seconds I had the nugget.

It had been in the dugout for two years and no one found it… Talk about luck! I called Dale to tell him the good news and told him where I found it, he remembered at the end of the game putting his bag in the dugout and getting his keys.

I looked at the picture he drew and it matched perfectly! The nugget fit in the picture he drew exactly as if it was traced… I think he missed it…

I received some free work on my truck the next time I took it in…

I love my job!

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Sheridan Lake BC… Two out of Three isn’t bad… But where’s the third ring?

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

Lost in lakeLost in lake

Red markers/Ring Locations
Red markers/Ring Locations

I get a call maybe five years back and this man wants to have me search for three rings he lost in a lake.

After talking for a while I find out that its a 6 hour drive to the lake, I’d have to bring a diver as he remembered it was deep water that he lost the rings in.

I contacted my good friend and treasure hunter JM and we drove up together in hopes of finding the rings.

We met the man at a rest stop just an hour out of town, he was going to show us the area he lost them in and ride back home. He had a very cool bike and it took a bit to keep up with him on the ride up.

When we got up there (6 hours later) he told us he was drinking and didn’t remember the night very well but he remembered he dove into the water off the dock and swam out and felt his rings come off.

I listened to his story then I went to the water, to my surprise there was close to 4 feet of mud that turned the water cloudy with every step. This was a nightmare! How would JM see anything while he was searching underwater?

I thought about it for a bit, then I came up with an idea to tie a rope to him and have him go out 30 yards then I’d slowly pull him in. When he got a signal he’d pull the rope once, I’d stop pulling until he gave me a double pull then I’d start pulling him in.

We did this the same way I’d do a grid search on the beach, I’d line him up and pull him in until we grid searched the area we felt the rings were in, after hours of searching we had no rings.

I gave JM a brake and decided to search around the dock in chest deep of water. Every step darkened the water but I don’t need to see I just need to get a signal and with my long handle scoop I’d find it. I found lots of garbage but no rings.

After a few more hours I received a signal and to my delight I had found the big gold Harley Davidson ring with the help of JM.

I gave this to the biker and he was happy but I know he was hoping for more. It didn’t happen on that day and the biker headed back home.

We stayed the night and started our search early the next morning. After close to 5 hours I made another discovery in the shallow water chest deep, it was a beautiful huge gold ring with rubies and a diamond.

On the picture above you can see my makers ( Red balloons) they mark the area the two rings were found. But where was the 3rd ring? That was the money ring, a dragon ring with rubies & diamonds… Lots of rubies & diamonds!

We had to call it a day and head home as we had to work on Monday, when we got close to home I called the young man to tell him we found one more ring. He was very pleased and rewarded us nicely and covered our expenses.

That 3rd ring would haunt me a bit as I kept thing what if I could find it for him, so a few weeks later my wife and I went back to look for it.

After two more days of grid searching in every direction and no luck I had to let it go. I wish it was closer as that would be one I’d continue looking for.

The thought did cross my mind that maybe he lost it before he went swimming as he did have a lot to drink that night…?

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I love my job!

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Lost Diamond Ring in Seattle… Found!

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

I received an email from a young lady in Seattle WA. on Dec. 26 who was in a panic over losing her beautiful diamond engagement ring in the front yard of her parents place while playing in the snow with her family and husband to be.

After reading her email I could tell that this ring meant the world to her as it put her Christmas on hold while she and her family spent Christmas day searching for her ring that was lost some where in the yard under the snow.

I contacted her and told her I’d find a treasure hunter from her area to help find the ring… After a few hours searching my contacts list I couldn’t find anyone that would take on the challenge as it was Christmas holidays and people where with their family.

I called to discuss the loss of her ring and she told me that it was given to her in September 08 and they were planning on getting married in June 09.

Talking on the phone I could tell how heart broken she was as most people are in this situation. I discussed the lost ring with my wife and she suggested that we should go and find the ring for her, as she knows how much I enjoy the search.

The morning of Dec.27 I took my brother to the airport at 4 am then drove home to pick up my wife and my metal detectors and drove (3 1/2 hours) south of Vancouver to Seattle.

After the long drive we met up at a gas station close to her parents place were the ring was lost. I followed them to the location then I asked all my usual questions on the area she was throwing snowballs and sliding down the hill on the side of her yard. I took all the information and began my grid search.

After close to 1 1/2 hours and a complete cross grid of her front yard we had no ring…

Where could it be I thought to myself, maybe she threw a snowball up on the roof, or maybe the ring got caught on her Nephews jacket and walked away from the area…? Or did she even have the ring on? Some times people end up finding their ring in their house weeks later.

The thing is if you don’t see the ring fly off your finger, its a bit of a needle in a haystack…

As I was thinking to myself about where the ring could be I walked up to a short hedge by the front door. It was about five feet long and four feet high.

I detected the one side of the hedge then the top and I started to search the other side when I heard a faint signal.

I pushed the loop of the metal detector further into the hedge and out fell the diamond ring… The last place I checked… The ring was caught in the branches of the hedge and dislodged when I pushed the loop in.

This lady was so excited and overwhelmed by the discovery! She later told me that she couldn’t think of getting married in any other ring but that one… Can you blame her?

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Tears of joy…

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I love my job!!!

Search and we will Find!

Gypsy-18th century diamond ring found in ocean…White Rock Beach

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

In late February 2008 last year I received a call from a young lady who needed help finding her lost ring. I listened to her story as she described the days events leading to the loss for her antique gypsy diamond engagement ring at White Rock beach, in South Surrey BC.

It was a heart felt story as this lady had lost two family members shortly before the day she lost her ring. When I heard her story I was determined to help find this ring and give her back a little happiness.

She told me on the day she lost her ring she had taken a walk on the White Rock pier to unwind and collect her thoughts. It was a cool day in early January as she sat down on a bench and took off her glove to get something out of her purse.

Just then as she pulled her glove off her ring went flying across the wooden pier floor, and fell through the cracks into the water below. After telling her husband about the lost ring, he went out with a rented metal detector, for two days at low tide to search for his wife’s engagement ring.

He did everything he could do to find the ring but was unsuccessful in his efforts… The ring was lost.

Close to 6 weeks later on CBC radio she heard a story about a treasure hunter who reunites people with their lost jewellery, with nothing to lose she called Finders. I listened as she described the location of her lost ring and I asked her if she could meet me to show the exact area the ring fell into the water.

She explained to me that the next day they were off to Hawaii for a vacation and wouldn’t be able to meet me. I asked lots of questions and took notes on the location and felt good about the search the next day.

The interesting thing about this search was that so much time had passed from the time the ring was lost, to the day I searched. There is always a chance another treasure hunter already found the ring or how far did the ring move with all the tides changes in that 6 week time frame.

When I arrive at the beach and found the location that she gave me over the phone, I realize the low tide wasn’t out far enough. This wasn’t going to stop me from searching, I took off my shoes and rolled up my pant legs and began my search.

Within 15 minutes and two frozen legs I found her ring! I get just as excited as the people I find it for, I just don’t show it. But that day because no one was with me, I shouted…Yah Hoo to myself.

Knowing they were on their way to Hawaii, I called and left a message that the ring was found. I received a call a few days later when she checked her messages, she sounded very excited.

When they got back in town I met her at her work, which was very close to my home and gave her back her ring. She gave me a very nice reward and I gave 50% to Charity.

After talking for a bit I explained how hard it is to make people aware of my ”Finders” service, you have to be a millionaire to advertise. I told her that there are so many people who could use this service but don’t know that I’m out there to help.

She told me that she knew a friend who writes for a local newspaper and that she’d get in touch with her… That call turned into 2 newspaper stories, 1 radio spot and 1 CTV News story. I’ve been very fortunate that the press likes to do a human interest story… on good news!

I love my Job!

Search and we will Find

Native gold wedding band/Lost in lake…Mission

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

My service here in Vancouver BC called Finders helps people find their lost jewellery at the beaches, parks, lakes, yards & ski resorts. I got a call a few years ago and a man told me he lost his native gold wedding band in a lake about an hour and a half drive from my home.

He said on the day that he lost his ring he was playing with his grandchild when it came off. Trying to search for the ring in around 4 feet of water was impossible due to the muddy bottom. That was it he thought to himself, the ring is gone.

A few days after he lost the ring him and wife spent the day at the beach in Vancouver, as they walked by the lifeguard tower they saw a flyer for my service lost

They called me that day and told me the story of how he lost his ring, I agreed to meet the next day and search for the it. When I arrived at the lake I met the couple and they showed me the area the ring came off.

I told them if they wanted they could come back in a few hours or I’d call them when I found the ring as I knew this search could take a while to complete. They said that they were off for breakfast and that they’d bring me some coffee and a muffin.

I began my grid search in chest deep water for over two hour and after finding lots of garbage, I got a signal like the many ones before but this time when I looked into the long handled sand scoop I saw the color of gold.

I called and told them the good news and they were there in a few minutes with coffee and a apple pie. They both were amazed that I found it as they thought it was lostforever. After a happy ending and a happy couple I was on my way home.

I enjoy the water hunts as they are fun but they are harder to do as its tough to grid search in water.

I love my job!

Thanks for reading my story.

Search and we will Find


  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

Search and we will Find!
Search and we will Find!

Lost your ring? What once was lost…Can now be found!

Chris Turner of ”Turner’s Treasure Team Inc.” Runs a service here in Vancouver & Lower Mainland that helps people find their lost jewellery, at… Beaches, Parks, Lakes, Yards & Ski Resorts.