Metal Detecting...For a Lost BMW Car Key in Poco BC...

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

I received a call from a young lady who found my metal detecting service on the internet today.

She had lost her BMW car key that her husband threw to her but unfortunately he threw it to hard and it landed in the bushes behind her… so they thought.

They had spend over 3 hours searching for the key and the lady had to take a day off work as she only had the one key.

The cost to have a new key cut would of been outrageous! I had to find this key for them!

When I arrived at the location her husband was still in the bushes digging around.

I took my VW key off my keychain and asked if it was similar to the key they had lost and he said it was.

I then asked him to go to the spot from where he threw the key, then I had his wife stand where she was when he threw it to her.

I then told him to throw my key the same way he did with his key… He thought I was crazy because If I couldn’t find my key then I’d be stuck there…But I knew I’d find it with my detector, if need be so.

This proved to be a good thing as I got to see the direction and how far the key flew in the air. It was in the other lot on the other side of the fence, so I started my search there and within 5 minutes I got a good signal and her husband moved the bushes and there was the key!

It wasn’t a diamond ring…But the smile was just as big!

I love my job!

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