Metal Detecting 3rd Beach in Vancouver in 4 feet of water for a lost wedding band...

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

I receive a call at around 3pm on Saturday in regards to a lost gold wedding band at 3rd beach in Vancouver. The man tells me that he was at the beach swimming at low tide in about 4 feet of water when he felt the ring come off his finger.

The great thing is he made a mental note of the area using the lifeguard chair on the beach and trees in front of him in the far distance. This is amazing because it gives me a good chance to get close to the area the ring was lost in and this is very important because if you ever look at the ocean and say…Hey I lost my ring some where out there, can you find it? It’s like looking for a needle in haystack!

I had no chance that day to search as the tide was coming in and by the time I got there it would have been to deep. I checked the tide schedule and it was a higher low tide the next day by 1 foot and even high the next few days… We met on the Sunday at low tide and he showed me the area he thought it would be in…The ocean wasn’t that warm!

I started my grid search which is very difficult in the water and close to 30 minutes and cold body we went to the shoreline to talk about the location.

He asked me if the ring would have moved very much in the past 24 hours and I said not much at all as the gold ring is heavy and like all gold it works its way down into the sand. I took my ring off and dropped it at the shoreline and we watched as the waves never moved the ring, it slowly became covered by sand and disappeared.

I knew we had to find the ring today because if we didn’t the tide would have been to deep for the next week or so to search for it.

He walked back out to chest deep water and looked around and lined himself up with the lifeguard chair and said to me “it has to be around here” I walked up towards him swinging my loop under water and when I got to him I turned to the right about one yard and got a great signal! I knew it was his ring, I scooped up the sand and without looking I held the scoop up to him and his smile said it all!

Note to anyone who ever looses a ring in the water…If its chest deep of water…#1 Line yourself up with something on the beach…Log, big rock, exct. #2 slowly walk towards the log and count your steps or yards. When I get there we count the steps and this gives me a fantastic chance to get into the specific area that I need to find your ring!

I love my job!

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