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Wedding Ring Takes Flight Bobec, NB

  • from Fredericton (New Brunswick, Canada)

Happy Owner


The Target

So I got a call for a lost wedding ring. The gentleman was weeding his raised bed gardens in the fall to prepare them for replanting. At the end of the day, after discovering the missing ring he figured that on one of the many trips to throw the handfuls of weeds into the woods, his wedding ring joined them on the flight. He proceeded to search the many weed piles on the forest floor, with no luck. He even borrowed a metal detector, which made lots of noise and gave him exercise but no wedding ring. He then found me online and called and we arranged a time to meet/search. I arrived, got the whole story and saw the search areas. I then laid out and started my search, with the highest likely areas of loss first. After searching all the gardens, weed throw areas, paths to and from, and possible areas of other outdoor chores and coming up empty, it was time to expand the search area. After a 1/2 hr and 8ft outside te original search area, I heard the tone that I was looking for, and after moving some grass aside there was a lovely circle of gold looking back at me. I pulled a surprise reveal by asking him to see his wife’s matching ring to remind me what I was looking for, and when he showed it to me I said “You’re right it does look exactly like yours”, and placed his ring beside her ring in my hand. A confused look came over him followed by a wave of realization and his eyes welled up and as he started thanking me. That reaction was all the thanks I needed.

Lost White Gold and Diamond Ring – Recovered in Calgary

  • from Calgary (Alberta, Canada)

That Kids Goin’ to be a Pitcher

I got an urgent call today, Tom his wife and toddler had been out for a walk at Fish Creek Park Calgary, the youngster managed to get hold of Mom’s rings, at first this seemed harmless but then things went awry when their little one decided it would be fun to throw the rings.  They hit the asphalt path in front of them and then bounced in two different directions into the low scrub bush and tall grass. After a considerable amount of searching they found one ring but the other eluded them.

Enter the RingFinders website; Tom found me and called asking if I could come out today, I agreed to meet him at the park in 40 minutes.  When I arrived he took me to the site, a short walk down the wooded path.  I set up my Garrett AT-PRO Metal detector and started bush whacking, I got a few junk signals to begin with, after two passes near the path I forged deeper into the shrubbery and with only 15 minutes searching came up with his wife’s beautiful White Gold and Diamond ring.  A relief for Tom and I’m sure a happy reunion with his wife once he got home.  Another happy customer of   www.TheRingFinders.com  and a pleasure for me to return a smile to a young couple.

Thank you Tom, for trusting me and The Ring Finders to return your beautiful ring.

Toms with Recovered Ring Toms Wifes Ring