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Lost Ring Recovered in Northern Minnesota.

  • from Chisago City (Minnesota, United States)

On July 9th, 2021 I received a text message from a person that had lost a ring on a beach and wanted to know if I could come and locate it for her.  She told me it was up in Northern Minnesota at her Parents cabin. I could tell that she was somewhat panicked by the loss of a very sentimental ring.  I tried to reassure her that It’s not going anywhere, and I would love to come and find it for her.  She said they were going to give it another look in the morning and she would get back to me.  The next day I received another text that she could not find it and I was given the address of where they were at.  After looking up the address on Google maps I headed North.  It was about 180 miles from where I was at and I loved every minute of the drive.  What a beautiful day for a drive up north.  I asked if it was ok if I brought my dog with for the ride and I was told by all means bring the dog.

About 3 hours later I arrived and was met by her mother and several yellow labs and a golden retriever in the driveway. My dog is a yellow lab as well and boy did those dogs hit it off.  Running and playing. It was nice because my dog doesn’t get a chance very often to run with dogs her own size much.  Before you know it they were in the water have a blast.  I was shown the beach where the ring was lost and it was about a 30’ x 40’area.  The ring was lost tossing a toy to one of the dogs. So a real direction was not known. It could have taken off in any direction, and maybe even backwards into the lake. I started to looking in the sand for the ring.  On my 3rd pass back and forth I got a strong hit for something metallic just under the sand. I brought my sand scoop with to help make things easier. I took a couple of scoops and missed whatever it was.  Then I had it in my scoop. A beautiful gold ring.  It took less then 5 minutes to locate it.  While the party that lost the ring was not around during the hunt she was quickly notified about the recovery and you just knew that everything was going to be OK. It was a honor going up and helping put the pieces of life back in order for one more person.  To top it off, my dog was able to have a few playmates for a short time and we were back on the road.  It was so nice meeting such a wonderful family, perfect summer day, and an absolute beautiful scenic drive to boot.  It doesn’t get much better then tha