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Lost Medallion in Lake swimming

  • from Dallas (Texas, United States)

Having a awesome day playing with Kids in the lake, then Our client decided to swim some laps from pier to pier.  Just as he was getting out of the lake he realized his Gold Chain and Gold Maedallion which he always wore was gone.  This was a generational family gift passed down from great grandfather to grandfather to father to him.  He screamed and everyone got in the water dragging feet in the 4-6ft deep waters.  They spent hours looking for it until darkness set in.  In desperation he got on the internet thinking maybe he could rent a Underwater Metal Detector, in the process of the search he found us , Don & Ellen Wilson with Dallas Ring Finders.  Professional Metal Detectorists who also did underwater detecting.  Contacting me a 9:45pm on Mothers Day, we answered the call.  Set up a time to drive 3 hours to Jewett, Tx to search the lake 2 days later.  After nearly 2 hours of searching the area he thought it would be in we widen out our search grid and as I was bringing up my water scoop with a target I saw something gold in color flutter away back down into the lake.  I knew I had it, instantly I detected again and found the object, carefully scooping the item, I slowly raised the scoop to the Surface and there it was shinning like only gold can even in the middle of the muck and mud. After lots of yelling and whoops of happiness we got some great video and photos of another happy client.  Another Great Find for the Dallas Ring Finders.

Lost Ring Fort Worth, Texas Tarrant County

  • from Fort Worth (Texas, United States)

Hello, my name is Henry Lucero and I joined Ring Finders to help recover and reunite lost jewlery with its rightful owner. We help recover lost valuables  (rings, silver, gold, watches, coins, cell phones, keys, any metallic valuable object) throughout the Dallas and Fort Worth metroplex and all surrounding areas. If you need our help please contact us ASAP.