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Lost and found gold diamond wedding band in Cobourg Ontario

Received a text from Amir yesterday about his wife having lost her diamond wedding band while at the beach in Cobourg Ontario. She had taken her ring off to apply sun tan lotion and placed it on their beach blanket. Seeing friends down the beach, they quickly picked up their belongings and relocated. A short while later, she realized that her ring was gone. They all tried to find the ring in the sand but were not successful. Normally, this would be a quick and fairly easy recovery. However, Amir did not find my information/services until a week had gone by since she’d lost her ring. My biggest fear was that there are a lot of metal detectorists that searches this beach every single day and the ring might of been picked up. Still, we had to try. After exchanging information and details via Google Earth, I headed out last evening to find it. Although the beach was still fairly busy with people and after careful gridding for two and a half hour, I was able to locate her ring. Thank god it was still there. Amir has requested not to have their picture posted due to privacy.  Beautiful evening, did not have to get wet Scuba diving and another happy ending. Life is good.

Lost and found diamond engagement ring Cobourg beach Ontario

  • from Cobourg (Ontario, Canada)

Received a text from Kaitlin and Zach yesterday about having lost her diamond engagement ring at Cobourg beach this past Friday. After they were walking and enjoying the beach with their young child, she noticed that her ring was missing when they went back to their vehicle.  Zach even went and purchased a metal detector and detected the whole beach with no success. As it got dark, they finally had to stop looking and head back home, which is quite far from Cobourg. Luckily, she found me online. After getting as much information as possible, including a couple of Google earth pictures, I headed out to the beach. The major issue was that she could not pin point exactly where or when she lost the ring. Long story short, three hours into my gridding search, I found her beautiful ring. Ironically, it was found where Zach had already been over with his detector. In his defence, the quality of the detector he was using plus expertise in knowing what to listen for, and how to search an area, is not something that can be learned over night. It was a great pleasure to meet them and reunite them with her ring today. A very happy ending!

Lost silver chain with wedding band and Masonic ring

  • from Cobourg (Ontario, Canada)

I was contacted by Tim and Terri-Lynn last week due to Tim having lost a silver chain and pendant. On the same silver chain, he had his wedding band and an old Masonic ring which belonged to Terri-Lynn’s Great grand father. Tim is an arborist and for good reasons, avoids wearing any rings when doing his dangerous job. The major issue is that he wasn’t sure when or where he had lost his jewelry but narrowed it down to a four day period, which meant four possible locations when tracking back his activities and movements. First location was at his home/yard, where he was using his tractor to move/tidy stuff around. Couple hours of detecting later, no luck. Next day, we headed to his work place where the trucks he used in the past couple jobs were parked. No luck. Third location was on a side road near Cobourg, where they had taken a huge tree and brush away. Still no luck. We headed to final location, where they had taken a few trees down on a side road, and after a couple hours of detecting, I actually spotted the silver chain and pendant hanging off a twig, about two feet off the ground. I was then sure I would find the two rings close by but no luck yet again.

Here’s where it gets interesting. Normally Tim keeps the silver chain and rings tucked in his shirt and wears tight chainsaw pants. From looking at the chain, it was obvious that it had been broken at the clasp by the chain being stuck on the twig (most likely when he was down on the ground and cutting the tree trunk into manageable pieces). After that day’s work, Tim headed back to the work yard, parked the truck and went to a bush to have a quick pee. By undoing his tight pants, both rings had dropped through the pant leg and unto the ground. Rings were found the next day and the mystery was finally solved. The best part of the story is how Terri-Lynn explained that with all the jewelry lost, both of them were more excited about the chain and pendant (Saint Christopher) being found than the two rings. She had given it to him, to keep him safe, when he first started working as a firefighter in the early 90’s. Great folks and definitely great ending. I love what I do. 😊

Lost heirloom gold ring Cobourg Ontario

Received an emergency phone call for a lost ring this evening in Cobourg. I was actually at North Beach provincial park, getting ready to go home after a beautiful day where else, at the beach. Gillian called saying that her daughter Nicole had just lost her grand mother’s wedding ring (Gillian’s mom) while swimming at a beach in Cobourg. Unfortunately, Nicole’s grandma died at a very young age, when Gillian was only 5 years old. Understandably, both ladies were completely devastated by the time I arrived. After a quick introduction and getting facts about how the ring was lost, I quickly got setup and started detecting in the water as the sun was setting and darkness was soon coming. Within 10 minutes, the ring was found. Both Gillian and Nicole cried tears of relief and were extremely happy and relieved that they were reunited with their precious heirloom. Below is Nicole and I, whom insisted I be in the picture with her. Truly another special happy ending!!!


Lost Ring Cobourg Ontario…Found!

Received a text early this morning from Keelin. She and her friends went to a local beach in Cobourg Ontario for a late evening swim and camp fire by the shore of Lake Ontario. Fortunately for her, and the recovery of her ring, all the stars lined up as she specifically recalled feeling the ring slip off her finger and at what depth she was while in the water. Met up with Keelin and her dad first thing this morning, and ten minutes later found her ring within 20 feet from where she thought it was lost. Keelin’s fiancé currently lives in the UK and they haven’t seen each other since last January due to COVID. They are scheduled to get married this October, in the UK, and is extremely happy that she will be able to wear her lost and found engagement ring. Watch the video. Another happy ending!

Lost and found gold wedding ring in Brighton Ontario

Tom and Stefanie were visiting friends at cottage on Lake Ontario near Brighton for the past few days. Unfortunately, shortly after arriving last Friday, Tom lost his gold wedding ring while tossing a ball in the water. After spending numerous hours looking for the ring with their friends, they had pretty much given up hopes of ever seeing the ring again. With a bit of searching online, they found me on the ring finders website and asked me if I could come out and look for the ring even though they had already left for home. Fortunately, the owner of the cottage, Kevin, was still there and graciously allowed me access to search for the missing ring. My biggest concern with this search was that the ring was lost five days ago and we had substantial winds/waves the past few days. This makes sandbars move quite a bit and can easily bury an item so deep that a metal detector may not pick up the signal. Well, Tom is a lucky man. After 4 1/2 hours of searching, I picked up a faint signal, about 10 inches deep, which ended up being his beautiful ring. Another happy ending.