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Lost silver chain with wedding band and Masonic ring

  • from Cobourg (Ontario, Canada)

I was contacted by Tim and Terri-Lynn last week due to Tim having lost a silver chain and pendant. On the same silver chain, he had his wedding band and an old Masonic ring which belonged to Terri-Lynn’s Great grand father. Tim is an arborist and for good reasons, avoids wearing any rings when doing his dangerous job. The major issue is that he wasn’t sure when or where he had lost his jewelry but narrowed it down to a four day period, which meant four possible locations when tracking back his activities and movements. First location was at his home/yard, where he was using his tractor to move/tidy stuff around. Couple hours of detecting later, no luck. Next day, we headed to his work place where the trucks he used in the past couple jobs were parked. No luck. Third location was on a side road near Cobourg, where they had taken a huge tree and brush away. Still no luck. We headed to final location, where they had taken a few trees down on a side road, and after a couple hours of detecting, I actually spotted the silver chain and pendant hanging off a twig, about two feet off the ground. I was then sure I would find the two rings close by but no luck yet again.

Here’s where it gets interesting. Normally Tim keeps the silver chain and rings tucked in his shirt and wears tight chainsaw pants. From looking at the chain, it was obvious that it had been broken at the clasp by the chain being stuck on the twig (most likely when he was down on the ground and cutting the tree trunk into manageable pieces). After that day’s work, Tim headed back to the work yard, parked the truck and went to a bush to have a quick pee. By undoing his tight pants, both rings had dropped through the pant leg and unto the ground. Rings were found the next day and the mystery was finally solved. The best part of the story is how Terri-Lynn explained that with all the jewelry lost, both of them were more excited about the chain and pendant (Saint Christopher) being found than the two rings. She had given it to him, to keep him safe, when he first started working as a firefighter in the early 90’s. Great folks and definitely great ending. I love what I do. 😊