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Lost Gold Wedding Band at Waikiki Beach…….FOUND

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)


While I was on my lunch break eating Spicy Ahi Don with my daughter Asti I received a call from Andrea in Waikiki. She told me her husband Nick lost his White Gold wedding band in the sand at Waikiki Beach right behind the Police Station. Knowing how many detectorists prowl the beach my getting there quickly to find their ring was of the utmost importance. I had my Excalibur in my truck so I told Andrea to guard the spot on the beach and not to dig looking for it. I told her I could be there in 30 minutes. Lunch hour traffic and road construction tried hard to keep me away but we managed through it all. Since I know some of the Waikiki HPD Officers I was able to park in their stall directly in front of the lost ring location. Asti stayed in the car and I went to the beach with Nick. It was a relatively small area and the first target was Nick’s ring. They admitted digging for it as it took two healthy scoops to reach their ring. It’s always neat how all the tourists watching the search applaud and say “How Cool is that?” when the ring is found. As you can see Andrea & Nick were all smiles. Aloha to Andrea & Nick.

Lost Silver Wedding Band at Kuhio Beach Waikiki…..FOUND!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

Andrew Waikiki Ag band

Andrew Waikiki Ag band1

Don Bryant & I were returning from a ring find when a young gentleman approached us and asked if we could help them find a ring in the water. He took us over to where Andrew was painstakingly trying to find the ring in shallow water with his hands. Andrew showed us the general location and because I still had my scuba gear on Don went to work. 30 seconds later and the first target Don nailed the ring. Nice way to end our day hunting. Andrew said he wasn’t afraid of losing the ring he was afraid of his new bride. Smart man, very smart! Aloha to the newlyweds!

Lost Gold Wedding Band at Kokololio Beach Park……FOUND

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

interwoven AU band

Kristina Velez & Husband

I saw a craigslist post of a lost ring at Kokololio Beach Park and replied to it offering ring finder services. Kristina responded by email the next morning and asked how I could find her husband’s ring that she had lost while holding it for him while he took a swim in the ocean. I told her to read my blog then if she was comfortable give me a call and I’d make arrangements to look. Kristina called and was anxious to find her husband’s ring so I talked my wife Wendy into going and told her we could go get prime rib afterwards as it was our 22nd Anniversary. As usual she was cool about it and off we went. We met Kristina at the beach parking lot and she walked me over to the area where she last knew she had the ring. When we arrived on the spot my worst fears came to light the area was littered with bottle caps and other metal trash. We picked up a few pieces of trash on the surface and then I started my grid search. First target brass grommet, second target aluminum tent peg third target BINGO a gorgeous interwoven patterned Gold ring. It took all of about 90 seconds. They’re not always this easy but I got to leave early for that Anniversary dinner and Kristina was elated to have her husband’s ring back. She went on to tell me that everyone else told her a metal detectorist would never find it. Well she held her head high and went off to show them the results with the biggest smile she could make. Aloha to Kristina.

Lost Platinum Wedding Ring at Ko Olina lagoon…….FOUND

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)



Saturday, May 9, 2015

I was celebrating Mother’s Day at a local Chinese restaurant with my wife and her family when I got an urgent call from Scott. Apparently while he was enjoying the day swimming at Ko Olina lagoon #4 his Platinum Wedding ring fell off and disappeared in waist deep water. His attempt to locate the ring was futile as the sand in the lagoon is very loose and makes it impossible to find. I told Scott I could be there around 2 PM however he would need Ko Olina Security permission to metal detect in the lagoons as they are normally off limits to detecting. The Security Guard Nickolas was very helpful and actually reserved us some parking which was otherwise completely full. Scott on the other hand was very fortunate to remember exactly here the ring came off as the second leg of my box search nailed the ring. There were hugs and smiles all around. Aloha to Scott and his lovely wife.

Lost Ring at Hale’iwa Beach Park…Found

  • from Waikīkī (Hawaii, United States)

Ring North ShoreNorth Shore RingDetermination is how I describe the recovery of this Wedding Ring…I was talking to my friend Joe about a difficult dive I had the following week, Hale’iwa Beach Park apparently is a popular fishing destination and had accumulated thousands of led fishing weights over the years, After about 2 hours of scuba diving with my metal detector I had to give the bad news to Paige, I let her know that with all the fishing tackle stuck in the coral it seems impossible to recover your ring, my detector doesn’t discriminate led.
After telling Joe the story he suggested we go back and clear out the led and clean up the coral reef, I thought to myself this will be a big task but the idea of cleaning up the environment a little sounds like a good plan, so after about 6 hours of diving for me and 4 hours for Joe we felt a little better about our chance of finally finding this ring, on my 3 weekend of diving in this spot I received the low sound of gold in my headphones, the ring was stuck in a small hole in the coral and you couldn’t see it or find it without a metal detector.
Altogether Joe and I found 4 rings,removed about 20 pound of led… a few fisherman were sure happy to get the free fishing tackle and Paige after 3 weeks she finally got her wedding ring back on her finger.
Mahalo to Joe for all the help and determination!
Another Great Recovery.

Lost Diamond Wedding Ring at Waikiki Beach…….FOUND

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

rfhhv1 IMG_1361

Friday night my friend George sent me an email that a gentlemen named Sahak Vardanyan (Sam) from Los Angeles had lost his ring in shallow water at Hilton Hawaiian Village on Wednesday. George currently only does dry land detecting so he gave me some additional locating data and I told him I would look in the AM. Time was critical as Sam and his wife Annie were leaving Sunday. My fellow ringfinder on Oahu Don met me at the beach at 0530. We brought our Excalibur’s and Don went out on scuba and I took off to do the wave curl and shallow water where the ring most likely came off. On about my fourth line in the grid search in waist deep water I got that tone we all know as GOLD. I dug in my scoop and low and behold there was a pull tab!!! What? It was definitely GOLD. I made another sweep and there was another target. Yep, fooled me the first time but the second scoop was Sam’s wedding ring. I contacted Sam by email and we met under the Rainbow Tower so I could return his ring. I think you can tell by their “Smiles” this vacation was going to be just fine. Aloha to Sam and Annie!

Lost Wedding Ring Found On Waikiki Beach

  • from Waikīkī (Hawaii, United States)

Lost Ring Hilton
LOST RING HILTONI went out for a dive with a friend Joe who is also a ring finder and we managed to find two rings that day in front of the Hilton Hawaiian Village.
The next day I received a call from Joe he told me that he was checking Craigslist’s lost & found and there was a post about a week earlier. Lost Man’s Wedding Ring in Waikiki. On April 2 I lost my wedding ring in the Waikiki Beach area please keep an eye out and contact me if you do find one…Thank You Matt.
Waikiki Beach is a large beach with many resort’s the chance of this being Matt’s ring was a long shot and I thought to myself this would be amazing if this was his. I contacted Matt and told him that I found a ring on Waikiki beach at the Hilton in about 4 feet of water he told me that’s where I lost my ring I asked Matt to give me the description of the engraving on the inside of the ring and I’ll see if it’s a match. I told Matt that we have a match! I think at first Matt thought this was some kind of Craigslist scam. He asked if I could send him a picture so I sent the picture and he confirmed it was a match. It was about midnight where Matt lives in Pennsylvania when I first responded to his post on craigslist apparently he had already returned home from his vacation and I’m sure he thought he would never see his wedding ring again but as luck would have it the ring is back on his finger.
Thanks to Joe for spotting the Craigslist posting and a little luck for finding Matt’s ring.
Aloha Don.

Lost Wedding Ring Found On Waikiki Beach

  • from Waikīkī (Hawaii, United States)

Lost ring Waikikilost ring waikiki-1One evening as I was sleeping, a nice lady named Carrie left a message on my voicemail at around 10 pm. She said that she has lost her wedding band at Waikiki beach and wanted to see if I could help her. I texted her back at 6 am thinking she would still be sleeping, but as soon as I hung up the phone she called me.
Carrie told me that the prior day when she was at the beach, she had taken her rings off and placed them on a towel, so that she could apply sunscreen. She then spent the day playing with her son building sandcastles and when packing up her belongings at the end of the day, she had forgotten to put her rings back on.
I let Carrie know that I had to work that day, but would meet her in the afternoon and try to find her precious wedding band. Apparently this wedding band was over 100 years old and was given to Carrie by her husband. The ring was given to her husband by his grandparents. Carrie came to Hawaii with her son to visit family and did not want to have to call her husband on the mainland to deliver the bad news. She said, “I need to find this ring.”
Every day and night people search the beaches at Waikiki with metal detectors looking for fresh drops. When I started my search for her ring, there was a man looking for hidden riches just a few feet from us. Timing and conditions are so very important when looking for lost jewelry at this popular beach. I marked the area off where she believed she lost the ring, and in about a half hour, the wedding band was back on her finger. A lost ring, an incredible find, the look on Carrie’s face when it was found was priceless. This is why I love looking for lost jewelry, to help others find their valuable treasures that are often irreplaceable.

Lost Keys Found North Shore Oahu

  • from Waikīkī (Hawaii, United States)

I received a call from Rick on Thursday new years day he told me that he had lost his keys on the beach the night before apparently he had a hole in his pocket.
Rick had to break into his car and sleep there until the morning. I showed up around 9:00 am and started the search for his keys after about 2.5 hours we finally found his car keys and house keys he also had a small security card key for work attached.
Rick was definitely relieved that we found them.
Another Great Recovery!

Lost Wedding Ring Found At Lanikai Beach Kailua

  • from Waikīkī (Hawaii, United States)

I received a call from Joe Ballou Christmas morning he asked if I could help find his wedding ring I figured I could spare a couple of hours and headed out to Lanikai beach.
I walked out to about waist deep water took 10 steps and received a strong signal scooped up a little sand then walked over to Joe and asked if this was his ring he looked shocked that I was able to find his ring that fast…it took less than 5 minutes….I said Merry Christmas Joe we just got lucky today!
Another Great Recovery.