Lost Gold Wedding Band at Makai Pier Oahu...FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began back on 25 January when I received a call from Reeve from Hong Kong who works as a Mechanical Engineer at University of Hawaii’s Makai Pier. While playing in the water along the Pier with his dog at some point his ring came off. He snorkeled around looking for the ring but no luck. The area had a sandy bottom and looked like an easy hunt. When I arrived the next morning Reeve described the area he was in. As I entered the water with my Equinox to start the grid search the detector started going off. The area along the pier is littered with coins, fishing weights and can slaw. To make matters worse just a few inches under the sand were rocks, coral and stones and that made it practically impossible to scoop targets. I told Reeve I would have to return on scuba but my gear was at the shop getting annual checks. When I finally got my gear back the weather played havoc with gale force winds & torrential rain. So finally this AM Reeve and I saw an opportunity and I took off a few hours from work to hunt. This time on scuba with my Excalibur I was able to eliminate many targets by their tone. Then about 20 minutes into the dive I got a nice low tone and in one scoop with my hand there was Reeve’s Gold Wedding Band glistening in the Sunlight. Six weeks in the ocean and it was within an inch of the surface. Reeve texted a picture of himself wearing the ring and his wife was elated and very gracious to me for finding it. Challenging hunt with a happy ending. Aloha to Reeve!

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  1. Stephanie Hicks says:

    We couldn’t be more grateful to Joe for finding this wedding band for us! We snorkeled around for two days after our dog knocked the ring off of Reeve’s hand, and when the weather took a turn to the worse we were worried that we’d never find it. We have been married for just over a year, and even though the ring is just a symbol, it was so sad to have lost it. I was delighted when my phone lit up one morning with photos from Joe of Reeve with his ring. Now that we have the ring back, I think that it’s magical that the ocean got to wear it for awhile.
    We have already recommended this service and will continue to do so to our friends and family.
    Thank you so much for your help, Joe!

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