Lost Gold Wedding Band at Koko Head District Park...FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began when I got a call Sunday evening from Keith who lives in Hawaii Kai on Oahu. While playing baseball at Koko Head District Park Keith determined that during one of the times he removed his baseball glove his gold wedding band must have come off. We agreed to meet the next afternoon at the ball park so Keith could show me the general area he was playing in right field. Keith was waiting when I arrived and we went up to the ball field in the background of the photo. I gridded out the most probable area and started my search. The Equinox was popping on many targets coins, pull tabs and bottle caps. I had my pinpointer so decided since the ring was probably on top of the soil in the grass I would ignore all targets below two inches on the Equinox. After hunting the grid and still no ring I asked Keith which direction was most probable to expand the grid and he said towards the infield. Low and behold the first target in the new grid was a surface screaming 11-12 on the Equinox. I bent down to run the pinpointer through the grass and there was Keith’s gold wedding band. Hidden under the grass I believe someone must have stepped on it during the previous day’s search. I enjoy these challenging hunts with many targets but Keith said he thought we would never find it after about 30 minutes and seeing me check so many targets. Keep the Faith and we shall succeed! Aloha to Keith!

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  1. Keith Hamasaki says:

    Thanks so much, Joe! It was such a thrill to hear you shout “Found it!” after all that searching. I enjoyed watching you work and am so thankful to have my ring back.

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