Lost Platinum 3 Piece Bridal Set Ring in Aulani Lagoon Returned after nearly 3 Years.

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began on 31 August 2018 for me when I was searching the Aulani Lagoon for a Gold Wedding Band. Smack in the Middle of the Lagoon in waist deep water I got a screaming target on my Excalibur and in one scoop I found a stunning Platinum 3 piece Bridal Set ring in my scoop. As with all other rings I find I posted it on my website “Metal Detecting Oahu” and it remained there until 8 April 2020 when I got a text from Guillermo from Whittier, California. In the text he told me his wife lost her ring on 07 June 2017 at the Aulani Lagoon and while in quarantine in California his wife Arlene stumbled across one of my old posts that had a picture of a very familiar ring. They had periodically checked with the Aulani Resort lost & found over the years but with no success. They were able to describe exactly the ring’s details and where it was lost. I only post high quality ring pictures with no details. They also sent me a wedding photo of the ring on Arlene’s finger. There was no doubt in my mind so I texted back, “So happy this ring found its true owner. Blessed.” I included a current shot of the stunning ring. They texted back “A thousand thank yous Sir and that they were crying & laughing” since I informed them with a follow up call. The story doesn’t end there. The Post Office recommended Registered Mail as the safest way to return the ring so I immediately mailed it Saturday morning. It tracked to Los Angeles quite quickly and we were hoping for a Wednesday delivery. Next thing I know the tracking notice says the ring is in New York City. What the heck? Thankfully, the next day it returned to California and it was on Arlene’s finger this evening. Nearly three years since it was lost. This is the longest ring find in my book. Blessings and Aloha to Arlene & Guillermo!