Lost Gold Hawaiian Ring at Kahala Beach...FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring hunt began when I got a text from Kalei which said I helped them before and that her daughter Keiki just lost her ring again but now at Kahala Beach. I was at work near quitting time so I told Kalei I would grab my gear at home and go straight to the beach. The tide was coming in and I didn’t want to fight it and wind blown waves. Kalei sent some pics and I talked to Keiki just prior to the search. Keiki said she was just inside the reef in the sand and that was when her ring fell off. I started my search after viewing the pics and decided to start at the reef and work my way shoreward. I found a few coins then I got a nice tone on the Excalibur and after two scoops there was a Koa Tungsten ring in my scoop. Oh well! Moving on. On the second pass at the extreme end of my grid I got a nice low tone and in one scoop there was Keiki’s Gold Hawaiian ring. Thankfully I got it then as the tide and waves were really starting to crank it up. I texted a pic to Kalei and she confirmed the ring and was so thankful that I was successful a second time. Not going to push for a third. Aloha to Keiki and her Mom!