Lost Gold Hawaiian Ring at Hanohano Hale Beach...FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began when I got a text Saturday from Nicole who lives on Oahu and lost her Hawaiian Heritage ring at Hanohano Hale Beach in Punaluu. While swimming with some friends at the beach as she exited the water a rather large wave crashed into her near the shoreline and her ring came off. She reached for the ring but it disappeared in the surf. She fruitlessly searched for awhile and finally giving up as the waves were pounding the shore. We talked on the phone as I reviewed the surf report and agreed Thursday would be the best day to hunt as the tide would be low in the morning and the surf would be much less then when she lost the ring. I arrived Thursday morning and waited for Nicole to arrive and show me where the ring came off. Thankfully, this area has a barrier reef before the shoreline so I expected the ring to be very near where it was dropped. I started my grid search in about waist deep water and worked towards shore. I noticed a few Portuguese Man-O-Wars in the sand so I was keeping my guard up so not to entangle myself in any tentacles in the water. I completed the search area and didn’t find Nicole’s sentimental ring. We discussed some other details and I decided to do a grid perpendicular to the shoreline. On the third leg I got a screaming target on my Excalibur and after two deep scoops there was Nicole’s ring in the scoop. I yelled ashore to her that I got it and she met me on the water’s edge to look in the scoop. I saw a tremendous smile come over her face and I knew it was the one. Besides a generous reward Nicole gave me a wonderful decanter of Kohana Rum Barrel Aged Hawaiian Honey which I will put in my coffee each morning until its gone. What a great way to start my day and lift our spirits during this pandemic. Aloha to Nicole!

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  1. Nicole says:

    I cant thank you enough!! After the first two sweeps, I honestly thought I’d never see the ring my parents gave me for my sweet 16th again. I wont be going into the ocean with this ring ever again..but if I do, you will definitely be the first person I call! Thank you so much!!

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