Lost Silver Precious Necklace at Queen's Beach Waikiki...FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This necklace hunt started when ring finder Don Bryant referred me to Jen as the Waikiki Metal Detectorist to request services from. Jen who is from Cincinnati Ohio working for a local First Aid & Safety company texted me that she lost her necklace after safely placing the necklace her father gave her into a beach bag. Her guess is that at some point while removing items from her bag the necklace slipped out into the sand and disappeared. She went back the next day to search but the necklace was no where to be seen. We agreed to meet at the beach Tuesday after work and see if the necklace could still be there. Jen walked me down to Queen’s Beach where she lost the necklace and I had her draw a grid in the sand where she thought it could be. I started the search as Jen was talking to a gentleman on the beach. He asked her what we were looking for as I was digging my first target and then exclaimed, “Look he found a necklace as it was dangling from my scoop.” Jen looked over in disbelief and said, “Oh my gosh you found it” Nice grid draw Jen you made this 15 second first target search successful. Wish they could all be this easy. Aloha to Jen!

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  1. Brent says:

    Great find Joe! Another victory!

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