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Custom engagement / wedding band lost in couch in Brampton, Ontario

  • from Brampton (Ontario, Canada)

Manu lost her custom engagement / wedding band back in August 2021.

She had a girlfriend over and while she was sitting on her couch she was fiddling with her ring. She saw the ring fall through in between the leather cushions.

She and many others Family member try to find her ring but with no luck.

She recently called me back since August communication and made arrangements for me to swing by after work.

I brought along my Stanley Tools endoscope which has a high definition camera and light on the end of the scope.

I took about 5 minutes to locate her beautiful custom designed ring under and around a lower fabric piece in the middle cushion!

Check out the video on this ring recovery!!

She was so very happy that I was able to recover and return her beautiful ring!

Thank you Manu for your very generous donation to the Kelly Shires Breast cancer Foundation. She receives an income tax receipt for her donation!


So happy I could help this lovely couple out!

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Lost White Gold And Diamond Ring Found In Couch With Dowsing Rod in Livonia Michigan

  • from Detroit (Michigan, United States)

Betcha Haven’t Found One Of These In Your Couch!

This pictured couple lost one of the 3 white gold rings from the wife’s wedding set yesterday. I was able to meet them today and since the metal detector doesn’t work well in house searches, I turned to my dowsing techniques to help. I use dowsing almost on every search in some form or fashion just to get a feel for the situation and if I need to incorporate it to make the find. Dowsing can be used to search for pretty much whatever you are looking for, missing persons, pets, treasure, ect. So she set the rings on the arm of the couch and he sat down and 2 went flying, they found the 2 but the 3rd went into the floor air duct, so they thought. I asked about any children and pets that may have moved off with the ring and they said no the baby daughter was in bed when it happened. I felt around the upper part of the arm and discovered 2 small holes in the material that led down into the hollow part of the arm, that convinced me that the ring could have worked it’s way downward. I made a sweep with the dowsing rod from 2 directions focusing on the ring and it locked on the couch arm, so we rotated the couch front and back and heard something rolling around on the inside wood portions of the arm.
We had to remove the staples and material from the arm to get a better look and when we opened it up we first got a small toy magnet, discouraged, I insisted that the ring was there. We cut open more space to get our hands in further and shining the flashlight into the opening I saw the diamonds shining back at me! The ring was wedged into the corner bottom of the arm! We all laughed and said now they can tell people they found gold and diamonds in their couch cushions! lol

Found Diamond Wedding Ring South Edmonton, Alberta.

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)


IMG_1024  IMG_0514   IMG_0692



Chris called me on Tuesday in regards to his wife’s lost wedding ring which was thought to have been in the back yard. As I had other commitments I told Chris that I would be available on Friday evening, and that since the ring was lost in their back yard, it would be safe. Amanda was very distressed about her ring and  I reassured them both that if the ring was there I would find it for them.

Amanda told me she had been in the back yard for a couple of hours with friends, visiting and playing with their children. They then had gone inside the house for a while. When her friends left and after putting her daughter down for a nap, she realized that her ring was missing. Panic set in.

Amanda and Chris looked for the ring but had no luck.  Then Amanda went on Google to check about renting a metal detector.  Our website came up and she contacted me.

Amanda showed me the area in the back yard where she had been. I went to work slowly checking all possible areas in both the front and back yard as I knew how import this ring was to her.  Two hours later, I had to tell Chris and Amanda that the ring was not outside.  Amanda burst out crying. I told them that it had to be inside.  They told me that they had looked every where in the house and so I asked Amanda to retrace her steps.

She told me she had been in the freezer and the refrigerator.  Chris had also taken the plumbing apart in the bathroom incase the ring had fallen while Amanda was washing her hands.

I asked many questions and  Amanda told me she had been sitting on their leather couch.   Chris had already checked the couch but I needed to check for myself.   We turned it over and I checked the inside of the couch, and between the back rest and the cushions.  I then checked around the back support of the couch and found the ring.  I shouted “Bingo”.Amanda jumped out of her chair with enormous relief.

Thank you Chris & Amanda for entrusting me and The Ring Finders to reunite your wedding ring. Thank you for the generous reward.